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So, as it seems, the lovely Molly Shaffer (@MrsShafferJMS) tagged me for this awesome ongoing Writing Process blog hop. We met during the #NewAgent competition, which was a fantastic learning experience, and even better for networking with talented and phenomenal writers. 793 more words


8 Rules for Writing Fiction and Why You Should Break Them

I always find it funny that writers and editors always seem to have a billion sometimes-contradictory dos and don’ts when it comes to writing “good” fiction. 851 more words


Wrapping My Head Around Editing

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you probably know I hate editing. I’m the kind of person who likes to finish projects fast and move on to the next one. 250 more words

Creative Writing


hello..sekedar kata sapaan,
sapaan kita yang tinggal dan hidup di Perkotaan,
seperti Jakarta dan konstruksi masyarakat urban yang kuat menjadikannya punya banyak cerita maupun memori yang menarik, ini adalah sebuah visual journey tentang Jakarta, dan Indonesia. 29 more words


Such An Amazing Feeling!

My friend finished my book last night, well this morning. She loved it. It was written perfectly.
The pace was just right, short chapters, and she’s agreat hopeless romance. 85 more words


3 Tips for Editing to Deep POV PT 1

Last week I attended a webinar about using deep third person POV. Here are some tips gleaned from the presentation that you may find helpful you as I know they will  for me. 247 more words


Fast Set

This has been an interesting week. Partially because our shoot last weekend finished late Monday night and I couldn’t help but feel a degree of postpartum after we wrapped, said goodbye to everyone and all went our separate ways. 882 more words

I Love My Job