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Funky Friday: The Power of the Writing Remix

Witness Big Audio Dynamite II, culled from the wreckage of The Clash and infused with funk, hip hop and the earliest 1990s incarnations of electronic dance music. 199 more words

Scott B. Pruden

Feet Up! :: Summer Movies

I’ve never been completely sure why there are so many big films that come out during the summer- aren’t we supposed to be outside while the weather is nice?   310 more words


How do you edit somone else's code?

As academics I like to think that we’ve become fairly used to editing text documents. Whether handwriting on printed documents (fairly old school, but cool), adding comments on PDFs, or using some form of “track changes” I think we’ve learned how to do the editing, and how to incorporate those edits into a finished draft. 473 more words

Research & Teaching

I haven’t wrote a blog on my book in a very long time.
So I thought today, why not?

So a friend of mine is reading what I have written of Forbidden. 246 more words


Using a Time Machine to Edit and Revise

Writing is like running through an urban labyrinth during an alien attack and an apocalyptic storm.  You dive right into one alley and slide left into another.  304 more words


Novel Problems: Editing

As an aspiring author, I initially thought that creating my story would be the hard part. However, I soon found out that this would not be the case. 419 more words


Just kidding

Everything from the headlines to the teasers to the links has been proofread on yahoo.com:

Just kidding. Clearly that sentence, with its mismatched subject and verb, escaped the eyes of the proofreaders and editors.