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A writer-editor-teacher's quote of the week #42

After reading Hanna Rosin’s recent piece in The New Republic about meeting with Stephen Glass after many years, I wanted to share this video clip as my “quote of the week.” A good writer or editor knows a little bit about a lot of things, and this dramatization provides a good demonstration of how a modern, tech-savvy editor, researcher or journalist can do a fact check, sometimes without even looking things up. 14 more words


From Dawn till Dusk

When you write in short bursts, change and rearrange some segments, and patch them together, you sometimes end up repeating or contradicting yourself. I’m going over my draft of The Foreigner, still patching some things together and smoothing over the bumps, and sometimes I run into hilarious contradictions. 77 more words

No. 4: Props

Considering I’m a magazine editor, I’m surprised that I can so easily forget about what probably went on behind the scenes of articles I read for fun. 246 more words


The Last...

Autumn leaves have fallen to the ground.

I was pleased to capture these glorious reds in the setting sun.

Even Pine needles look good when the sun is going down :)

有哪些不同的方式讓我可以閱讀研究論文或技術報告以有效地獲得最大的信息? / 如何為我的研究論文或技術報告創建最有效的目錄? (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 11/24/2014

* 有哪些不同的方式讓我可以閱讀研究論文或技術報告以有效地獲得最大的信息?
* 如何為我的研究論文或技術報告創建最有效的目錄?
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (309) Beyond Wikipedia and Google: Academic Research Tools on the Web 236 more words

Rainy Sunday

I am supposed to be editing, working on world building. Instead I am trolling the internet, looking at talks on vulnerability and creatives by the awesome… 499 more words


Get a few years more under your belt

The editor in chief of Yahoo! Style could use a few more years of writing under his belt:

Perhaps with some additional experience and the guidance of a competent editor he’ll learn some common idioms and the correct preposition for them.