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Judging a book by its cover

I now have a front cover, for the most part. It just needs a bit of tweaking before I’ll be ready to share it.

The process of choosing a cover really brought home the notion of ‘judging a book by its cover’. 342 more words


Step One: Write Without Barriers; Step Two: Cut, Cut, Cut!

Last week I mentioned that this week’s topic would be about “the last time you could write about whatever you wanted and not care a bit what anyone else thought about it.” 1,333 more words


What writer's block.

Every now and again we hear something we really need to hear in that particular moment, something that wouldn’t have the same impact at all if we ran across those same words in another time or place. 349 more words


我如何與他人進行研究論文發表合作? / 什麼是和他人共同撰寫研究論文的一般準則? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 8/31/2014

*學術英文投稿教學影片 (224) 10 Tips to Improve Your Reading Comprehension
*避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(英文編修訓練) ( 1 / 11 ) 298 more words

First round down!

Today, after six laboring hours of staring at my computer screen, I finished editing the first round of my journal from 1996-1998. This is my strategy when it comes to my journals (or anything I plan to put in my autobiography): 452 more words


August Update

Well, we’ve moved into the new house, and so far, it’s been great. There’s still a ton to do, but now that we’re here and don’t have to drive three hours every day, it makes it a lot easier to keep up with, oh, I dunno, the rest of my life. 631 more words


Did you hit the tequila before you wrote that?

Maybe the writer was doing a little research, testing a drink recipe, before writing about tequila on the Yahoo! front page: