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Tighten your #NaNoWriMo Writing

Writing is an art and a process. The best writing requires revision. So, as you finish up your #NaNoWriMo masterpiece, it’s time to think about ways you will strengthen the work that you’ve done (after a much deserved pat on the back). 387 more words


You're under arrest

The grammar police should make an arrest at the yahoo.com headquarters for this gaffe:

Did that really sound right to the writer? If so, then he or she needs to hang around people who speak proper English and start reading something other than Facebook timelines and Twitter posts. 35 more words


The Finish Line

After four months, I’ve finally worked through all of my editor’s comments and my list of revision notes. While the process took longer than I would have liked, I’m still basking in the accomplishment of reaching the finish line. 499 more words


Getting It Right: Part Deux

I started work with my new editor on Gypsy’s Kiss last week. I will give her a shoutout when we’re finished, but so far I like it. 404 more words


Three Dirty Birds on Character

Three Dirty Birds are talking Character today with James Scott Bell’s Revision and Self-Editing for Publication (2e).

Kate: So much wonderful in this chapter, it’s definitely not a skimmer. 1,613 more words


Side Project news

This update is best given in list format:

  • Persuaded my father to not add superfluous biographical information to the introduction (this project not being primarily biographical in nature).
  • 178 more words

Manuscript Monday: Dialogue Formatting

One of the biggest problems we see in submissions is dialogue.  Dialogue was also menitoned in our GoodReads Author Chat group as a writing piece that was confusing to new authors. 745 more words