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Tugas Editor Manga

Naruto, One Piece, Gintama, dan semua manga tercipta dari kerja keras sang mangaka. Selain mangaka, ada ‘orang-orang’ lain yang punya andil besar dalam suksesnya sebuah karya tersebut, yaitu editor. 215 more words


"You Have Bewitched Me Body & Soul": 3 Ways Bibliofiles Are "The One"

Because unfortunately fictional characters are either taken or . . . well, fictional.

Readers, writers, and editors alike should be proud of their librocubicularist tendencies. It could help them to better connect with people—and maybe find true love. 828 more words

Quick Tip to Correct Color Shift

Here is a very simple tip for correcting a color shift that can occur when you apply a command like Levels or sharpen your image.

Correcting for Color Shift


“Why What You Type Matters” (or “Get an Editor—and Quickly”)

I was going to title this post “Why What You Write Matters,” but then I remembered that almost no one actually writes anything of substance anymore—not with pen and paper anyway. 1,136 more words

AndroVid Pro Video Editor

AndroVid Pro Video Editor is one of the best video editor for android.when use this android video editor apps you will fell new experience.some important feature for this paid apps. 24 more words

Editor learns Feds have his old IP addresses, full credit card numbers

In May 2014, I reported on my efforts to learn what the feds know about me whenever I enter and exit the country. In particular, I wanted my Passenger Name Records (PNR), data created by airlines, hotels, and cruise ships whenever travel is booked.

250 more words

Novel Boot Camp - Lecture #15: The Climax

The climax! It’s exciting! It’s suspenseful! It’s time to learn all about it!

For the readers, the climax will be the most important moment in the novel. 1,301 more words