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Oh, to be an Editor

Recently I had the opportunity to help someone out with their homework. It was meant to be a simple proofreading, but it quickly turned into a play-by-play deconstruction. 387 more words

Finish-line advice

Today, I’m thankful for this kick-in-the-pants advice.

Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit | terribleminds: chuck wendig



Light On UK Campaign Film

A short campaign film I edited and composed the music for. Directed by Riffy Powerz.


Llama Face?

Ever feel like this fellow from “The Emperor’s New Groove?”  I certainly have on many occasions. “Editing is 30% making improvements and 70% staring at your work while making this face.”


Drew Kampion, renowned writer, editor, journalist, thinker and poet...

Life is a wave.  Your attitude is your surfboard.
Stay stoked & aim for the light! 
– Drew Kampion

Drew Kampion, renowned writer, editor, journalist, thinker, poet and number 7 on the “Top Ten Most Influential Surfers” list will be making a guest appearance in the pages of Mauisalt. 111 more words