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For the first time in my journalistic career, I am really struggling with the personal vs. professional line. A friend and classmate recently died, and as the editor of the paper, I need to choose how to cover the event in a timely matter, but still be sensitive to the family and friends. 19 more words

How to Make a Style Guide for Your Novel

Hey friends, here’s another post that is for both the writer and the editor. If you haven’t heard of what a Style Guide is, or why it can help your novel, here’s a quick guide. 812 more words

Word Sick? How to Find Relief

“I hate writing. I love having written.” This adage is variously attributed to such well-known authors as Dorothy Parker, Mark Twain, Eudora Welty, Neil Simon, Gloria Steinem, Joan Didion, Ernest Hemingway and William Zinsser, but it applies to less-accomplished writers as well. 240 more words

Writing Tips

Passive Voice, Part Four: Breaking the By Law

            Last time I asked how you would convert the following passive-voice sentence to an active one using the “By Law.”


Screams of protest could be heard over Senator Fiasco’s speech.

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Now You've Done It: What to expect (and demand) of your Red Pen

I have a professional incentive for pushing you toward hiring an editor, but I am not the only person suggesting it.  Other smart people also think you need an editor, someone else to read your writing.   1,065 more words


Against Editors

Against Editors.

Here is the traditional career track for someone employed in journalism: first, you are a writer. If you hang on, and don’t wash out, and manage not to get laid off, and don’t alienate too many people, at some point you will be promoted to an editor position. 1,070 more words


WBBT: Tag! You're It.

The amazing Alice tagged me last week to take part in the World Book Blog Tour. Alice is a ridiculously talented ghostwriter, editor, and author. Eleven of her books are bestsellers! 334 more words