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An Amsterdam shopping trip

As I walk along the canal bank, bathed in the neon glow of the Red Light District’s window brothels, I am overcome with a profound realization that I might quite soon get a knife in the kidney. 1,073 more words


An eye for an eye: the CIA torture report

My first idea was to draw a cartoon on the CIA torture report that was made public the 8th December. I searched the Net for some material to start with. 619 more words

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Try something different this year

It is December and you are still sitting on you couch with a cup of hot coffee, thinking of where you could travel this Christmas. 543 more words

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Do not play ‘Cops and Robbers’ in the US

It happened again. A 12-year-old boy was shot to death in a public park in Cleveland by two police officers, last Saturday November 22nd. It was the eighth death by firearms in one day, in the US. 373 more words

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Are Turks committing war crimes against Greek Cypriots?

A group of Greek Cypriots, supported by a member of the European parliament, Kostas Mavrides, lodged a complaint, to the International Criminal Court (ICC), an International Tribunal located in The Hague, against Turkey, on July of 2014. 427 more words

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Three questions on Apple and homosexuality

By Emanuele Del Rosso


Apple will not collapse under the weight of its CEO’s coming out. In fact, the organization based in Cupertino is in perfect shape and it is taking a position regarding the global perception of LGBT rights. 579 more words

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