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How to Create an Editorial Calendar in Trello

Before you read this, have a look at my ‘What the Heck Is an Editorial Calendar‘ post.

The internet has no shortage of editorial calendar templates. 1,291 more words


Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

One of the main things that I do for my clients is to create editorial calendars.

When I tell people, clients or friends, about editorial calendars I usually receive a blank stare. 683 more words


Treat Your Blog as You Would Treat Your Spouse: Be Patient, Loving and Adventurous

I guess I am still in the newlywed phase, as the romance Gods would call it: I am a bit shy of my one-year wedding anniversary with my hubby; we still gleefully cook dinner every night instead of reverting to takeout; we enjoy touching base all day long, even if it’s just to say “thinking of you”; and we genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company. 630 more words

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