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International Anti-Corruption Day 2014 Speech By PUL Secretary General, D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh

Statement Delivered By PUL Secretary General, D Kaihenneh Sengbeh, at programs marking the International Anti-Corruption Day 2014, organized by the Liberian Youth Natural Resource Governance Forum… 895 more words


Unattended and abandoned boats in Silver Lake need attention

Abandoned or unattended boats left anchored in Silver Lake for extended periods of times can be a serious safety issue. Sometimes these boats–left to avoid paying docking fees–are derelict and have neither a current registration nor mast lights.  266 more words

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Studying and creating art is an essential human need

It’s high time the arts get the respect they deserve as bona fide academic subjects for kids.
In the spring, owing to budget woes, the Hyde County School District cut the art teaching position from both schools and there’s no telling when it will be restored. 463 more words

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Obama's Wonderful Words

Obama’s Wonderful Words

Tom Wheeler is Chairman of the FCC. Tom Wheeler before becoming Chairman of the FCC was a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry. 408 more words


Selecting county commissioners: time to re-examine?

While elections are on people’s minds, it is a good time to examine how the Hyde County Board of Commissioners are elected.
At present, five commissioners represent the following five townships: Lake Landing, Swan Quarter, Currituck, Fairfield and Ocracoke.All Hyde County voters elect these commissioners irrespective of the precinct where the voters reside. 314 more words

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