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COMMENTARY: Inhofe's distortions and ignorance demean Senate and debate over oil pipeline

That famous climate change-denying curmudgeon James M. Inhofe is at it again, and this time his willful denial of facts and slander of scientists is casting a sad shadow over the U.S. 1,077 more words

Climate Change

Feature: Public Works Resurrects To Do The People’s Work: Is Gyude Moore Showing Early Footprints?

By D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh

“What kind of trouble is this?” he complained. “This is not time to fix roads; it should be done at night,” he menacingly added, though an opposed equal response would follow by a fellow passenger, a female. 1,188 more words

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Editorial: OVFD needs more volunteers

A volunteer fire department in a small, isolated community is crucial.

The recent early morning fire on Dec. 27 exemplifies why this is important.  A camper trailer–very close to a neighboring house–burst into flames.   460 more words

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Free Will Hunting

Except for having my balls squeezed in a vice, there is little I find more excruciatingly painful than reading meandering diatribes on free will. I’m continually amazed at the masturbatory essays I come across online, usually written by TruChristians, that boldly proclaim how free each of us is to act as we want, when we want, simply by exercising our all-powerful will. 588 more words


Holy Books And Dogmas Always Get Me Down

The senseless murder of 12 human beings in France last week by Islamic extremists got me thinking. Why don’t all Muslims do what the Charlie Hebdo… 639 more words

Ken Ham

Reflections From The PUL Visitation With Ailing Journalists: Did We Learn Any Lesson?

By D Kaihenneh Sengbeh

He mustered courage and strength in his old ailing muscles and stood to greet and welcome the visiting team into his house. 3,379 more words

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Yik Yak: They Call me Coat Man

By Austin D. Kirkham

My first interactions with Yik Yak were generally rather negative experiences. I saw a lot of bullying going on, and there were a lot of people in the student-body hoping to see it removed as quickly as possible. 592 more words

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