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following in his father's footsteps

Been a while since I’ve done some work with The Suburban, but like everything once it rains it pours and have a few more stories lined up. 32 more words

Just Rambling

Not Back To School and Other Terrifying Realisations

This coming September is the first Back to School season in seventeen years that I have not had school to look forward to. You read that right, seventeen years of nonstop education. 441 more words


Men Are Stupid, Yet We Love Them.

Stupid things men do and why we love them anyways.


I am taking on this subject for the very reason that I am not a “We” as referred to in the title.  549 more words


Töke van a menyasszonynak!

Túl a kőbe vésett öltözködéskoncenciókon és biológiai nemi sztereotípiákon, az általunk nagyon (!) kedvelt FuckingYoung! Online egy ütős editorialt hozott le Adrian Bernal főszereplésével. Vicente Monedero képein Adrian többek között Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Nike, Calvin Klein, American Apparel cuccokban pózol, de kapaszkodjunk meg, mert… 78 more words


Allow Me to Make a Case For Carl Grimes

 *WARNING: This post contains spoilers for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Continue reading at your own discretion*

Carl Grimes is a fictional character in both The Walking Dead comic book series and AMC television show. 1,335 more words


Massive Tarantula Crawls Across K-FROG Security Cameras

You never really expect to see a massive, creepy tarantula crawl across the security cameras when the engineers here at CBS Radio/K-FROG are watching the monitors for our transmitter site. 69 more words


Obama Doctrine: Speak Often, and More Carrot Than Stick

Editor’s Note:  I typically tend to avoid overtly political and partisan articles on the World Human Rights blog, as I have said many times human rights should not be partisan issues and are far more important than political views.  2,622 more words

Foreign Policy