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Don't forget pets when preparing for wildfire emergency

TUESDAY MORNING EDITORIAL — We in the Kamloops region have, so far, escaped direct involvement in this season’s wildfires. The closest we’ve come is a few spot fires and some heavy smoke, but our turn could come. 339 more words


Missy Psycho

Publication: W Magazine August 2014 
Model: Malgosia Bela 
Photographer: Venetia Scott 
Fashion Editor: Venetia Scott


Judicial Enquiry Essential to determine if Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra did not act a conduit for a Chit Fund Mafia

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

(With core information from Jayanta Kumar Das)

Had Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra not acted a conduit for chit fund operator Pradeep Kumar Sethy, he could never have acquired a ‘B’ category plot measuring 4000 sq.ft. 1,732 more words


Rolls Royce Is One Class Act

The quintessential status symbol…

Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce began with discipline and focus. Their impetus was precision and first-class quality. There is no room for compromise…everything should be done one task at a time one vehicle at a time, and expedited in a manner that would yield superlatives. 1,750 more words


What if... there hadn't been so many Balkan withdrawals?

Evening Eurovision fans! :) Tonight, in the latest of our 2014 “What If” series, I’m going to be exploring an aspect of the Copenhagen contest which has been mostly overlooked, but stood out to me as a potential game-changer pre-contest… Would things have been any different without the notable absence of so many Balkan countries in 2014? 1,900 more words


Plant Pixels and Watch Sprites Grow - soundtrack

“I am not a musician”, I’d tell myself and anybody else within e-vicinity. Embarrassed to think that I had, instead of outsourcing to someone better-deserving of the label, I had produced music for my own game. 1,580 more words


Whatever, Banal.

Publication: W Magazine August 2014 
Models: Daiane Conterato, Manuela Frey, Katlin Aas, Grace Mahary, Amanda Murphy, Aymeline Valade & Fei Fei Sun 
Photographer: Craig McDean
 Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful