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Gamers, What Can We Do To Become A Better Community?

When I initially wrote this, it was the end of August, and there were various articles mentioning the rather terrible treatment gamers and people were giving each other. 733 more words


Rejoice for the Return of FHS Newspaper

Rejoice for the Return of FHS Newspaper
By Peter Yang

Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors and effort made by our talented students, FHS now has our own newspaper. 575 more words


The Mountain Finds "Typo" in The Washington Post

The foundation of good journalism is unadulterated truth. After all, what good is a newspaper if it doesn’t provide its readers with the facts?

At the beginning of every school year, the Journalism class starts our curriculum with a long-standing tradition to acclimate our new writers, and to remind our returning writers of our values. 588 more words


Ring Week

By Hayden Hains

Ring week is finally here for the class of 2016! At 10 AM on Monday morning, the Cate center quickly filled with eager students, waiting to receive their onyx. 255 more words

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*" Culture And The Church" by Todd Parsley

Culture And The Church

We are all products of our culture; in our dress, our language, habits, food and particularly in our thinking and attitudes. Certain aspects of culture are not wrong or bad. 288 more words

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Is it to Late for HBO to Offer a Standalone Subscription?

By Rich W Woods

Recently, HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler announced that HBO would soon be launching a standalone streaming service. They announced that customers would be able to stream HBO content without a need for a cable subscription. 739 more words