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Why Aren't There 22 Million Serial Killers on the Loose?

Nath has a go at folks who blame real world violence on the video game industry

I’ve gone and done it. I wasn’t going to write an article on it, but I feel as if something needs to be said about video game violence. 944 more words


2014’s Manchester United: some notes

Sir Alex Ferguson loves horses. He’s also a metaphors man. (Probably.) So it’s no surprise that he’d mentioned Devon Loch, both horse and metaphor, a few times in managerial career. 3,838 more words


American Summer Movie Preview Pt. 1 - May

For the last couple of years I have, every April, sat down and written up a preview of what the upcoming films in what is known as the American Summer Movie Season have looked like, whether or not I think they will be good and how much they will make opening weekend in the States (if it hasn’t already opened). 1,653 more words


The Star's View: Gold-plated pensions for senators and MPs

In October 2012, the federal government — reacting to overwhelming criticism of the generous pensions received by MPs and senators — began to roll out measures to chip away at the “gold-plated” plan. 481 more words


Total War: Rome 2 Strategy Guide: Part Two

In conquering the world of Rome 2, civics and diplomacy are only half the battle.  Sometimes you have to fight for what you want.  Rome’s combat has improved considerably since Total War’s last game Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai.   611 more words


Editorial: Thoughts on success

I saw this on my Twitter feed recently. An infographic that perfectly encapsulates the empty platitude “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. 686 more words


Morass to Metropolitan

Chicago: the City on Stilts

by Erin Bendle

   Nestled next to the expansive glacial Lake Michigan, Chicago has drawn huge crowds to populate its streets since it first became a city in 1837. 752 more words