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Rise of the Christian left: Why the religious right’s moment may be ending | Salon

It’s hard to tell if the near-constant stream of millennial-centric political think-pieces are perpetuating or reflecting growing curmudgeonly fears about the future of the country. Maybe it’s a little of both, and Fox is probably observing within its competency when it pegs more than a handful of us as “deluded narcissists” –  but it appears there’s room for some political optimism among all the moral panic and the reign of the religious right. 132 more words

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It's Time for an Aperol Spritz

You know you’re in Italy when you walk into a bar or restaurant and everyone is sipping from an orange glass. In case you haven’t had Aperol Spritz before, trust me, it is almost a ritual in Italy and probably the most widespread and common aperitif in Italy. 215 more words

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Is the DOJ being ordered not to file anti-trust actions on the Silicon Valley "BIG 6" because they are the biggest campaign donors?

Is the DOJ being ordered not to file anti-trust actions on the Silicon Valley “BIG 6″ because they are the biggest campaign donors? SOLON ASKS, OUTLOUD, the THING WE ARE ALL THINKING… 3,514 more words

Informed Advocacy: An Emancipatory Nursing Perspective

The current ANS featured article is titled “Informed Advocacy: Rural, Remote, and Northern Nursing Praxis.”  In this article, the authors, Karen MacKinnon, PhD, RN; Pertice Moffitt, PhD, RN present present a synthesis of their combined research about nursing practices in Western and Northern Canada.  154 more words

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“Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control | Salon

Sal Culosi is dead because he bet on a football game — but it wasn’t a bookie or a loan shark who killed him. His local government killed him, ostensibly to protect him from his gambling habit. 174 more words

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Does Your Breakfast Come in a Jar?

When I was a child, I spent many school nights sleeping over at my neighbor’s house. Apart from the usual rules of going to bed early and behaving well, I had to get up early enough to go home for breakfast. 296 more words

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Weekly Picks: Rachel Dormady

My style is eclectic. You will find an mix-mash of random items that speaks to me, in one way or another. Although there may not be an obvious visual coherency in my picks, they all speak a unique language. 444 more words