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Photoshop Actions | Vision of Rose Photography

Several photographers have asked me in the past if I would put my edit into a downloadable action set they could purchase. Today, I had the spare time to do so! 149 more words

Here Comes the Rain Again

It’s the first day of October and it definitely delivered. Rain that is. Instead of taking advantage of my day off to get another shoot done… I have resorted to edits instead. 19 more words

Icarus Photography

Naked Alliances Coming Out of the Closet

Not reading. Not writing. Lying in wait. In a place of limbo. With nothing much to do.

I have a couple of new beta readers. A man who works with the rocket scientist wants to read, and a nice lady in the Caribbean who has written a crime fiction book. 511 more words

Writing Process/WIPs

Identity Porject - Wk 2

For this project I wanted to update the logo for my design alias MadPanda. I have had my current MadPanda logo (Below) for a little over 4 years now and I think it is overdue for an update. 450 more words


Mixed News

So I’ve started Chapter 20 & already have 900 words on it! The problem? Muse still hasn’t edited 17-19, so I don’t even know if what I’m currently writing is even going to flow with the rest of it once he’s done editing it! *tugs hair*


Open Letter to Bhagat Singh

Dear Comrade,

May you live longer than your ideas, which are obviously immortals. Here, every time, the sub-servants of capitalism are calling me terrorist because, like you, I too believe in armed revolution. 553 more words