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It's Elementary Edmodo!

Do you Edmodo?  I do!

I started using Edmodo in my classroom about two ago.  I’ve never looked back.  At first it can be daunting to figure out all the ins and outs, but if you start small you will make gains quickly.   491 more words

Have you thought about "flipping" your classroom?

Flipping my classroom…well I am thinking about it! I am attending a workshop in Elk Grove (Sacramento) in February. I’m taking this workshop through BER, (Bureau of Education and Research) and it’ll be my third workshop with them over the last three years. 323 more words

Part one of the analysis: Synthesis of previous research

We looked at articles, course lecture notes, and presentations based around the use of Facebook as an academic discourse community. Our sources have been drawn from a variety of reputable universities from around the world. 457 more words

Discourse communities as diagrammed by Activity Theory

Preliminary assumptions based on Activity Theory

Facebook academic groups are extensively used among the students of our sample size while Canvas and Edmodo were introduced through the teachers or instructors. 49 more words

Wednesday, 1/14/15

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate the differences in the physical and chemical properties of a molecule and the individual atoms that bond to form that molecule.
  • 30 more words

Survey Results

We surveyed a group of students who had had previous experience with all three different communities (Academic Facebook Groups, Edmodo, and Canvas). These questions are as follows: 159 more words

The Great Triumvirate of Academic Discourse

Due to the ever-changing technological innovation that causes societal interaction to transferred or mimicked on the Internet, even academic discussion has moved towards taking place online. 541 more words