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Oklahoma Law Enforcers Continue To Buy Gifts For Grandkids

Many children in unfortunate family circumstances are being raised by their grandparents and not by their parents. Some of these children have lost their own parents young while others have been abandoned. 251 more words

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Master Margherita - Edmond

artist: Master Margherita
title: Edmond
keywords: drone, edmond, electronic, experimental, noise, soundtracks, tom jones, ambient, dubstep, progressive, psychedelic, techno, Switzerland

Master Margherita’s Ednond is one little EP that sounds as deep as a deep thought. 337 more words


How To Spot Water Damage Before It Damages Your Home

There are some homeowners who procrastinate when it comes to resolving their water damage issues. It’s never a good idea to let this type of problem go unresolved over a long period of time. 337 more words

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What’s Your Why?

During my sophomore year of college while I was sitting in the library taking a break from studying, I came across a video called “The Secret to Success” by Eric Thomas (otherwise known as ET) that changed my life. 1,000 more words


FAQ: Why Is My Tire Pressure Light On?

As the weather turns for the worse, we’re starting to hear this question a lot… “why does my tire pressure light keep coming on?”

That little yellow/orange light (located somewhere near the speedometer or RPMs) with the exclamation point in the middle lights up when there is a noticed change in tire pressure. 331 more words


Maximum Matching in general undirected graphs (Edmonds Blossom algorithm) : Java

Edmonds Blossom algorithm finds cleverly and intuitively, Maximum Matching in general undirected graphs. Algorithms such as FordFulkerson and Edmonds uses alternating paths, to find a matching from a free Node to another, following a series of unmatched , matched , unmatched edges. 82 more words

OG&E Awards Oklahoma City Public School with $500,000 Rebate Check

Energy efficiency is important as it promotes cutting cost while at the same time helping the environment. When we save energy, there are fewer resources used and a significant reduction in energy costs.  149 more words

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