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Such wondrous powre hath wemens faire aspect

“And so did warlike Antony neglect
The worlds whole rule for Cleopatras sight.
Such wondrous powre hath wemens faire aspect,
To captive men, and make them all the world reject.”

— Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene


What I do instead of reading

Instead of reading, I do several things:

  • Think about reading, usually out of guilt that I’m not reading and should read
  • Think about what I’ve just read, like, when I fall asleep with the rhythm of the author’s words in my head…
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MA Reading List/English

Melting into air

Danny Dorling’s All that is Solid: The Great Housing Disaster takes its title from a sentence in The Communist Manifesto, which Dorling quotes at the very end of his book: 1,975 more words


beauties lovely baite

NOUGHT under heaven so strongly doth allure
The sence of man, and all his minde possesse,
As beauties lovely baite, that doth procure
Great warriours oft their rigour to represse, 42 more words


The Seven Deadly Sins: From Spenser to Supernatural

Using characters as representations of the Seven Deadly Sins has been a resilient convention in English literature. One of the things that I find most interesting about this particular narrative is the way that its popularity has held through centuries. 2,048 more words

The Offside Rule and the unrelated(ish) Emily Dickinson Problem

I’m still in the process of updating, rewriting and polishing arduity. This week two problems have come to light that I thought I’d share.

Some time ago another site likened arduity to an attempt to explain the offside rule in soccer. 1,181 more words


My Signature Summer Look {Tag!}

Nath at Beautycalypse  is hosting a  Signature Summer Look Tag for green beauty bloggers because, as she says,  “why should make-up brands have ALL THE FUN” 488 more words