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Short Film Saturday: The Immigrant (1917)

This is an important short film on a number of levels:

In no particular order: it was added to the National Film Registry in 1998, it’s topical yet again and always has been; and it’s a Chaplin film that works as a great intro to his work as an actor, writer and director just to name a few that jump instantly to mind. 75 more words

Short Film Saturday

Charlie Chaplin in BEHIND THE SCREEN (1916) - Girls will be boys, boys will be mincing

Like its predecessor The Pawnshop, Behind the Screen is hysterical almost in spite of its plot. The ostensible story is that a wanna-be actress (Edna Purviance) finds that the only way she can get onto a movie set is to dress up as a prop boy, which gets her/him a job when most of the prop men go on strike. 183 more words


Edna Purviance

October 21, 1895 – January 11, 1958) was an American actress during the silent movie era. She was the leading lady in many of Charlie Chaplin’s early films and in a span of eight years, she appeared in over thirty films with him. 458 more words

Edna Purviance

Burlesque on Carmen

One of my favorite movies from Charlie Chaplin.

That movie wasn’t the first contact I had with Charlie, I had heard of him, but must say, with some shame, that until 2012, I hadn’t watched anything from and about him, until I found that channel, where they showed many classics, and Charlie Chaplin was one of them. 306 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE ADVENTURER (1917) - The end of an era

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

The Adventurer is bittersweet in more ways than one. It begins with Charlie as the ultimate loner (an escaped convict) and comes full circle to that point by movie’s end. 456 more words