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Charles Chaplin's A WOMAN OF PARIS (1923): The "against" vote

(WARNINGS: Major spoilers abound. Also, if you are a huge fan of Chaplin and/or this movie, prepare yourself for the gusher of negativity that follows.) 864 more words

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin's THE IDLE CLASS (1921) - Charlie as a two-percenter

After suffering from “writer/director’s block” in his first two First National shorts, The Idle Class shows Chaplin back on track, still able to deliver first-class laughs in a short subject. 286 more words


Charlie Chaplin in SHOULDER ARMS (1918) - Kicks to the Kaiser's keister

When Charlie Chaplin was making Shoulder Arms, many worried that the movie would come under fire (so to speak) for kidding the World War (blessed be the ignorance that there was a second World War to come). 379 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE COUNT (1916) - Too many silent-comedy counts to count

Oh, Lawdy, another “count” comedy. I’ll just cut to the chase here (literally, almost), because the plot contrivances that lead up to the main storyline aren’t worth the mention. 100 more words


Charlie Chaplin in THE BANK (1915) - Charlie as not-quite-a-hero

(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

The Bank is a mixed short, beginning with terrific comedy and ending with pathos that Chaplin hasn’t yet quite figured out how to juggle. 344 more words