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A song from my soul (but written by someone else)

The text box asked me what’s on my mind, so here it is. My voice, and a song that means a lot to me…

On top of using a blog to get out my feelings, I’ve also started trying to write (don’t judge me for this lol) fanfiction again.   196 more words


And then I cut my hair

The last few weeks have been hard.

I had a complete mental breakdown while I my friend was in town. That was frustrating and very embarrassing. 703 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

What's Life Without Sprinkles?

When I was growing up, my parents used to get a dozen of donuts frequently on Saturday mornings for my family of four to split. Sometimes we would even have donuts for dinner. 427 more words

Fighting the Drill Sargent in my head

I made it through day one of my pre-op OptiFast diet! I am one day closer to having my gastric sleeve done! I was reasonably ok in the morning, but by the time I went to bed, boy was I hungry! 339 more words

Gastric Sleeve

I tell my colleague I am fine

So my anorexic colleague and I sometimes have the odd chat at work. We were sharing stories about ridiculous fat treatments we’ve tried and she was telling me she was once wrapped in foil at this Chinese clinic while they applied some heat to her LOL. 77 more words

Day/Night 2 of Zoloft

I can feel my anxiety lifting a little bit. I haven’t been as absorbed and tangled in my own mind as of late, either. My mind is slowing down, so my speech is kind of mumbled.. 153 more words


When it comes to my EDs I can’t say I can be triggered… well anymore than I always am in the sense that I am always in a perpetual state of this triggered state and everyday it’s a battle to not let this triggered mindset prevail. 25 more words