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My Fellow Americans, It’s Time to Boycott College

Let me tell you a tale. He’s a hardworking kind of guy, so he decided to forgo the customary process of sitting around his house complaining on Facebook that no employers are knocking on his door to compliment his pajamas and offer him six figures to do some Really Important Job. 8 more words

The Ruling Against Teacher Tenure

I probably waited too long to write this post about teacher tenure, because it’s become a hotly-debated issue very quickly after the Vergara v. California… 1,036 more words


Zero-tolerance for kids is a fast and slippery slope to lock-up

Many people assume that when kids get into trouble while they are in school that they are sent to the principal’s office, held after school, or maybe even suspended. 780 more words

Juvenile Justice

The responsibility of educators to "do no harm"

“Do no harm” is an ethical principle most often regarded in connection with the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors. Essentially, it refers to the idea that professionals have a responsibility as part of their practice to refrain from actions that harm others. 920 more words