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School Improvement Chef Ramsay Style

Chef Ramsay in a restaurant needing a facelift.  Where does he go first? The kitchen. He goes straight to the source and wants to taste the food. 228 more words

Anti-intellectualism and the "game of school"

Last week I attended the induction ceremony for the latest members to be welcomed into my high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. I watched with pride as many of my students took the stage, candles in hand, the students’ pictures and short biographies flashing up on the screen behind them. 506 more words


What exactly am I doing here, again?

Some colleagues recently posted and emailed links to some thought-provoking blogs that tap into some concerns and qualms about my role as a teacher in a traditional high school. 752 more words


Chipping Away at Charter School Myths, One Canard at a Time...

As the Founder of Performance Academies representing 13 successful charter schools in Ohio and Michigan, I can tell you we work with some these states’ academically neediest students.   615 more words


Next Steps for Ohio's Charter Schools: Preserving the Future for Kids and Families

In 2001, when the Ohio charter school movement was still in its infancy, the Ohio Federation of Teachers, along with 17 other education organizations covering teachers, principals, superintendents, elected school boards, treasurers, and custodians filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of our schools—threatening the very existence of the program. 1,501 more words