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Reflections on the Edsa Revolution.

The masses achieve glory in accomplishing the tremendous No which is known as “The People.”


Alice Herz-Sommer,
survivor of Holocaust,
has died at age 110.
She “spent two years
of World War II in Czechoslovakia’s
Terezin camp
by playing the piano… 929 more words

EDSA: 28 years later

In an exercise this morning, I asked my students to tell me what EDSA (in the context of the holiday they enjoyed yesterday) was. The most common answer I got: “It’s a road.”  While made half in jest, it does show that to them, the 1986 People Power revolution is something that isn’t part of their psyche; these students were born, in some cases, 9 years after the revolt.   748 more words


Real Elegance

Women usually have an average of 15 pair of shoes from ages 13 to 16 and this includes sneakers. For women who are already working or maybe from 16 to 21, they own around 25 to 40 pairs. 471 more words


History repeating itself after EDSA revolution

More than restoring democracy to the country and handing back the freedom to the Filipinos that were taken away forcibly from them during the authoritarian and repressive Marcos regime, the essence of the EDSA revolution, more popularly known now as the People Power revolution, was more about how we drove away not only a despot, but also a corrupt leader with an equally odious wife. 380 more words


The spirit of EDSA lives on

Its cathartic power continues to provide relief and refreshes hope. The over arching and encompassing spirit cannot and will never be domesticated. Its mystery remains unspoiled, not completely unfolded. 878 more words