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What Is the Jet Stream? - An Animation and Explanation

I’m about to board my flight home from the BETT Show in London. The flight home is going to be nearly two hours longer than the flight to London. 237 more words

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Protect Student Privacy by Using Skitch

In yesterday’s post about creating digital records of physical items I mentioned using Skitch to take pictures and annotate them. One of the things about Skitch that I failed to mention in that post is that along with drawing and typing on a picture you can crop and blur items in a picture. 183 more words

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NASA Is On SoundCloud - Listen to Audio from Missions and More

Whether you have an interest in NASA from a scientific standpoint or a cultural standpoint, NASA’s SoundCloud channel has something for you. On NASA’s SoundCloud channel you will find audio from Apollo, Mercury, and Discovery missions. 205 more words

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Critique & Creation

I started this post about 6 months ago and after observing the to-and-fro between Audrey Watters and Stephen Downes I went looking for it. I found it laying in a drafts folder, something started but not finished. 940 more words


Reflections on EdTech: Where Am I and Where Am I Going?

In 2009, I started a Masters Degree program in EdTech.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to stop after only three classes.  However, that small taste of the endless possibilities technology could bring into the classroom intrigued me.   657 more words


Four Ways to Create Digital Records of Physical Items Your Students Create

A couple of days ago I received an email from a reader who was looking for a good app to use to create digital portfolios of students’ physical works like paintings, sculptures, or handwritten work. 539 more words

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CommonLit - Thematic Discussion Questions Paired With Interesting Texts

The other day I received an email from Michelle Brown at Harvard University. Her email was about a new organization called Commonlit. Commonlit is an organization that is building sets of thematic discussion questions to use in conjunction with upper elementary school and middle school students. 246 more words

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