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Day 23 Google Glass in the Class

In this video I reflect upon how Glasses helped further my own learning and the learning of my students. Today I had the daunting task of uninstalling an apk file to install an updated package. 117 more words


inBloom & Net Neutrality: I've Got the Blues

Two things happened in the news this week that have me really bummed out.

The first is that inBloom announced that it is winding down. The purpose of inBloom was to be a data repository for student data; a resource that would help teachers make sense of vast amounts of student performance data to then better individualize instruction. 871 more words


CultureShift and Learner Lunches

EdTech is not about devices. I cannot write that enough times.

Ed tech is Not.



Edtech is about people, both in groups and alone. 533 more words


Learn to Flip, Flip to Learn

So maybe you’re ready to start flipping your classroom….but are your students?

On the surface, flipping the classroom sounds easy enough—students watch videos at home, and do the activities we used to call “homework” in class. 362 more words


Demolishing the office

I think the palm was dead for around four years before it was finally cut back and cleared: my resounding memory of that first office is one of dead foliage and mouldy coffee cups. 796 more words


ModMath: An App Helping Kids with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

“Make sure you line up your place values.” This is a phrase I utter over and over in the classroom and write on countless papers. For some kids, it just takes a little practice to remember this step. 487 more words


How-To: Using the Themeefy Library

Searching for content and creating Themes has become so much easier with the Themeefy Library. We’ve added filters to help you narrow down the search results to the most relevant resources. 137 more words

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