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Survey of Discord

Time: 1/2 Day

Level: Grade 9

Subjects: French & Resource Room

Highlights: learning that the F word can serve as all parts of speech; squashing a spontaneous survey to boycott an assignment… 179 more words


Our baby business model: 20 years of expretise

Since 1995 we began to develop channels and tools as well as the technical and scientific infrastructure which contributed at creating a unique business model. Today our model is a perfect and complete model of promotion and communication services and products aimed at pregnant women and new moms and their babies, covering pregnancy, birth and the early years of child development. 88 more words


Slave Labour Thy Name is Intern

Time: Full Day

Level: Grade 5/6

Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Gym, Social Studies, Health

Highlights: having the help of an amazing intern, a grade 2 boy describing the dodge ball as his “soul” (therefore worth protecting),  discovering the Mathological Liar whodunit card box games… 347 more words


Call Me Glenda.....

Time: Full Day

Level: Grade 6/7/8

Subjects: Math, Science, French, Phys. Ed

Highlights: a small boy yelling for all to hear that I was a practicing pagan goddess, learning the power of hovering, being informed that kids with extra body weight are fantastic, being accused of wearing the same outfit as the day before *gasp* (I wasn’t) 222 more words



** Now here’s a term that you do not hear every day, but that does not mean it does not happen! Carjacking occurs more than we realize. 1,485 more words

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Did you know that there are more than 200 million vehicles in the United States?

With all of these vehicles on the road and the drivers who drive them, it is possible to get into an auto accident. 1,507 more words

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What to do in an emergency

I have never hired a young babysitter for my daughter. I know she’d love it but I worry that a teenager might not be capable of dealing with an anaphylactic reaction. 71 more words