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Learning Waterways | Guest Post

I’m really pleased to post an article written by my friend, John MacArthur. Eclectic, acerbic, witty, and akin to Eeyore (he would prefer that I not use “curmudgeonly”), John’s writing often takes me to thoughtful places I haven’t been before. 

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You might have data on your side, but I know my body

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been having some sleep issues. And I’m certain the problem is my CPAP machine.

What I didn’t explain is that I emailed my doctor about a it a couple weeks ago. 617 more words


Selling Personal Training

I began my journey to be a personal trainer because of my fascination with the human body. It was also because of my desire to help everyone achieve the best shape of their lives. 200 more words


What I really mean when I say "I don't mind"

Many of us project our feelings onto other people. I hate mushrooms, so you must also hate mushrooms. I would love to go to Europe, so I’m sure that guy over there wants to go to Europe. 695 more words


What would you say is "real" about chronic illness?

I thought about starting this blog for a while before I actually did it. What finally pushed me to get started was one too many “inspirational” stories. 537 more words


Learning Can Be Fun

Do you have a hard time keeping the kids educated during the summer time?  I find it’s difficult to keep them in a learning mode when it’s all about play time and no school.   313 more words