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Savvy Hyperlapse Video Tips

After viewing several time-lapse videos on Facebook and wondering why this was suddenly such a popular style, I decided to investigate. It seems everyone was trying out the latest app from the Instagram team, Hyperlapse. 260 more words


Professional development in mid-size firms IS experiential learning

Brooks Pierce’s remarkable, still-sort-of-new Director of Recruiting and Professional Development, Gail Cutter, makes these comments on the last post here.

Yes! This line of thinking is why I believe that liberal arts training is the best preparation for law school and practice.

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Mood and Tone

It’s hard sometimes to find words to teach others about literary terms that I just take for granted. Mood and Tone for example. I know what they are, I understand the difference. 157 more words


Teacher told class she’d kill all black people if given 10 days to live: student’s mom

A North Carolina teacher is under investigation for racist remarks students said she made in class.

Cynthia Ramsey, who teaches math at Camden County High School, was speaking to a student eating lunch in the classroom when she discussed an item on her “bucket list,” the student’s mother said. 99 more words


Developing reflective practitioners: a conversation with Charlotte Danielson & Cindy Tocci

As our understanding of teaching expands and deepens, we need a vocabulary that is correspondingly rich, one that reflects the realities of a classroom where students are engaged in learning important content.

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Map: Attainment of Higher Education in Detroit

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about higher education in Detroit. The pattern that can be seen here with more individuals with degrees on the West side is mirrored in other categories such as income. 165 more words


Cuddly Blue Monsters

Happy Phun Phriday!  In this neck of the woods, today is the Phantastic Phright Phest otherwise known as Halloween.  To honor the day, I’m sharing two resources that have monsters who are anything but scary! 93 more words