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Politeness usually begins at home or it doesn’t begin at all.

Politeness to others is usually born out of respect for the individual, which
you learn as a child. When you are treated with respect by other members of the…
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Johnathan Hulsey

Links and Weekend Update

1. Here, in a guest post by Jim Fedako on the Statistician to the Stars blog, is some information on the philosophical stylings of John Dewey, a crucial facilitator of modern schooling in America: 1,242 more words


The Nature of Our Addiction

Let us assume for a moment that we agree on a few basic points, points frequently made on this blog:

  1. That the education system as it exists now is the product of the efforts of a relatively small group of people who created it to further the goals of Johann Gottlieb Fichte: a docile population incapable of thinking anything their betters don’t want them to think, who have been successfully divorced from the loyalty and honor naturally accorded to their families, native cultures, religions and physical places the better to serve their masters;
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In Today's News, etc.

First up: a hypothetical:

Imagine that omnipotent space aliens from the planet Zyrglax land on Earth and take control of the United States. But these aliens are somewhat bizarre, and they change only one thing: they teleport all public school buildings into the sun, and prohibit the government from any action or law providing for public education, even ruling out school vouchers and the like.

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Another Crazy Catholic Gets Schooling, and Its Implications for Catechesis

Deschooling Religious Ed, written by Sam Rocha, makes me want to shout: See? It’s not just me – anyone who looks at the history, the practices and the outcomes of modern schooling can see it: 276 more words


Education History Reading, Continued: Pestalozzi Wrap-up

NOTE: This post sat in the drafts folder for months, as in trying to complete it, came to the conclusion that I don’t understand Pestalozzi at all. 767 more words


One for the Books

Attention! Attention!

Much in the style of Prohibition-era speakeasies, a meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday, February 26 at a literary cafe on Allen Street in NYC. 194 more words

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