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The Story of a Little e - Looking for Learning

Something wonderful happened today. Something that made me proud, happy and inspired all at the same time. A moment discussing moments that i found quite deeply profound. 845 more words


Gift of Words Christmas Project

The Dr. Pablo O. Torre Foundation, Inc. (DPOTFI) and its Scholars recently launched the “GIFT of WORDS Christmas Project”. Donated Christmas cards are being utilized by the Scholars to raise funds for their outreach projects, starting off by distributing slippers to underprivileged children. 24 more words


Learning at Home - Avoiding Kevin the Teenager

I ran a workshop recently with some parents on helping your teenage child at home with their learning. I’ll say it now that there was nothing ground breaking there but I thought it might be worth jotting down. 1,863 more words


Getting my head around "Learning"

I hear the word “learning” at least 20 times a day. I’m not complaining, this is a good thing. As educators this is our  “go to” word. 1,032 more words


Curriculum Design - Lose the Baggage

I am a teacher, and a parent. I used to be a student at school and I hold a position of leadership in a big international school. 601 more words