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Sharing school libraries? How about no.

Yesterday, Hekia Parata made a passing comment on Nine to Noon about the feasibility of schools sharing libraries. She lumped libraries in with assembly halls, pools, gyms, etc. 735 more words

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Parata’s speech: mythmaking and distorting to say the least

Only to the extent … Posting 4

National as a neoliberal government, though cleverly disguised, always acts to the priority of the powerful and wealthy.  In relation to education, to the extent it can get away with it, the government is niggardly in funding of public schools, undermines the public service ideals of teachers, and makes curricula narrow and utilitarian. 6,145 more words

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Crisis, principal capitulation and only to the extent it protects the powerful and wealthy

Only to the extent … Posting 3

What was to be posting 3 (Hekia, a speech of hers, and why education policy is based on myths, lies, and fear … and to that I should add bribery) is now to be posting 4. 571 more words

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Public schools and only to the extent it protects the powerful and wealthy

Only to the extent … Posting 2

The first posting set out the following arguments:

Western governments help you and me only to the extent it helps to protect the position of the powerful and wealthy… 2,390 more words

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IES betrayal: pity them, pity us, and pity the generations of children to come

In studying for a post-graduate degree in history, I seemed always to gravitate to a study of how people stood up to the injustice of unfair, authoritarian, or totalitarian rule – how people responded in those moral crucibles. 1,978 more words

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Charter schools are …

Charter schools are …

A platform for demonising public schools

An idea by the privileged and powerful to protect their privilege and power

An idea advanced by the privileged and powerful to avoid genuine social, political, and economic change… 989 more words

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Jane Austen and e-asTTle

Mrs Bennet hurried at once to her husband, calling out shrilly as she entered the sunlit library.

Oh! Mr Bennet, you are wanted immediately; we are all in a most terrible uproar. 443 more words

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