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PPTA revolt occurring

Just as primary had a teacher organisation that headed rogue but was pulled back, secondary has one too, the PPTA executive, but not yet reined in. 586 more words

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An eclectic: 2008 prediction; unprincipled opportunists; Waihi, our future?

This posting has limited purpose and scope:

A 2008 prediction of education under National – read and weep.

The PPTA executive – a bunch of unprincipled secondary opportunists and the fallout. 922 more words

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PPTA executive and dirty education

In 1990, as most regular readers of this site know, I left the formal education system to play my part in fighting the education implications of Tomorrow’s School’s neoliberal, managerialist philosophy and, in particular, the organisational representation of that philosophy, the education review office. 2,048 more words

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Forum Special Issue: Teachers Reclaiming Teaching

Of all the things I do, perhaps one of the ones I am most proud of is my role as a co-editor of Forum. The journal was founded over 50 years ago by Brian Simon, and to be able to help maintain the tradition that Brian established feels like both a pleasure and a privilege. 84 more words

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Nigel Latta: we needed insight and we got a blarney-spouting leprechaun

Nigel Latta on school education: What was that?

The things Nigel Latta got right about New Zealand school education were also what is wrong about New Zealand school education. 1,952 more words

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The IES vote I confidently predict will be decisively against bureaucracy and control. As a suggestion, principals and teachers have found the preceding posting useful to school and group discussions: 545 more words

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My definitive view of the cluster system

The cluster system being proposed by the government is ground hog day to Tomorrow’s Schools. As with the cluster system, Tomorrow’s Schools also exhibited some attractive qualities. 1,786 more words

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