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Labour got the campaign horribly wrong

The implications for education of the resounding National Party victory are profound, but more on that in later postings.

Labour got the campaign horribly wrong – yes, David Cunliffe was not the one for the job, but above everything, was getting the campaign horribly wrong. 1,207 more words

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How corrupted is our education system?

South Island Association Intermediate and Middle Schools

Annual Principals’ Conference Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

The basic ideals of a western-style education system rest on the consistency with which the welfare of the child is at the centre of decision making; the ethicality of decision making; and the degree of freedom the main participants have to express their ideas freely and influence that decision making. 4,798 more words

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Big issues and ELT 3: Human Capital Theory

Earlier this year, Sir Ian Wood, one of Scotland’s leading business figures, was commissioned by the Scottish Government to produce a report about Scotland’s education system and how effectively it prepares young people for the workplace. 1,697 more words


Let’s stand up for subjects

Michael Young and David Lambert

Each curriculum subject contains a different way of understanding the world. Access to this ‘powerful knowledge’ for every pupil should form the basis for any curriculum. 589 more words

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Election silly season: is research an ornament, a luxury good or ammunition in a war?

Chris Brown

As with many things in our Western consumer culture, research use may be conceived as an act of consumption. Correspondingly, research is often treated by its users as they would a consumer object, much like a coffee maker or television. 590 more words

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PPTA revolt occurring

Just as primary had a teacher organisation that headed rogue but was pulled back, secondary has one too, the PPTA executive, but not yet reined in. 586 more words

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What does literacy mean in the 21st Century?

Brian Creese

Today is International Literacy Day. On this day we celebrate the role that literacy plays in our lives. We also reflect on what literacy means to us all, individually, locally, nationally and globally. 665 more words

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