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Let’s stand up for subjects

Michael Young and David Lambert

Each curriculum subject contains a different way of understanding the world. Access to this ‘powerful knowledge’ for every pupil should form the basis for any curriculum. 589 more words

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Maternal and child healthcare success..

AS per a global study, Bangladesh has come out as one of 10 countries that have made commendable progress in improving child and maternal health. 213 more words


Educational Innovation from the Top Down

(This post originally appeared on the Show-Me Daily blog)

Is placing centralized power in the hands of government bureaucrats always a bad thing, or is it possible that centralized power can help facilitate market reforms? 188 more words

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Good Coverage of MO Amendment 3 (Teacher Tenure) in K.C. Star

I’m probably biased, but I typically think it is “good coverage” when I’m accurately quoted in a story. With my bias noted up front, Joe Robertson of the  287 more words

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What is a "research school"?

A day at ResearchED and half a day at the Institute of Education’ s launch of their R & D schools network have developed my thinking on how schools should be engaging with and using research. 344 more words

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Grammar Schools : Faith Based Education Policy

I never argue with religious people about the existence or otherwise of their deity of choice. It seems to me that the whole point about faith is that it’s faith – it doesn’t have to be backed by evidence. 2,824 more words

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Wales and Cymraeg : A more efficient model?

Welsh or Cymraeg is a celtic language spoken in Wales by almost 20% of the population (+560,000) with around 15% (+430,000) being able to speak, read and write the language, all according to the 2011 census. 785 more words