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The Definition of Insanity

You’ve heard the phrase before:  Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

When I’ve recognized it, I nod my head in agreement:  surely, this (whatever I’m doing at the time) is insane.  316 more words


What Do Charter Schools and Ice Cream Have in Common?

Which kind of ice cream is better: vanilla or non-vanilla? This is a poorly constructed question, but one that I think is similar to a question often asked about education. 515 more words

Dallas: "Reform" Takeover Collapses...for Now

Corporate reformers don’t like democracy. They don’t like elected school boards. They like mayoral control, state takeovers, all-charter districts, emergency managers. Anything but democracy.

In Dallas, the corporate reformers had the idea that the way to by-pass democracy was to utilize an obscure state law that would turn the district into a “home rule” district. 193 more words

Education Reform

Re/Segregation, Charter Schools, and a Pedagogy of Those who want in

“…what I learned from her was mostly about sameness, about what I had in common as a black man to people of color; to women and gays and lesbians and the poor and anyone else who wanted in.” 866 more words


Alan Singer: Does Andrew Cuomo Have a Problem with Educated Women?

Alan Singer recognizes that Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like teachers. In New York as in the rest of the nation, about 75% of teachers are women. 84 more words

Education Reform

George Joseph: Black Lives Matter in School

George Joseph is rapidly becoming one of our best education writers. In this article in The Nation, he shows how education “reform” is contributing to the “school to prison pipeline.” At best, he says, “no excuses” charter schools are preparing black students for low wage jobs. 321 more words

Education Reform

Education in Nashville

Last year, I worked at a charter school; it was also my first year teaching. The learning curve was steep, the hours were long, but I would say I left with an understanding of what it means to teach. 382 more words