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Adventure Awaits

Today is my birthday, and I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful present than the exciting adventure that awaits us in just a few short days. 464 more words

Keeping score with standardized tests

We have fallen into a trap, and as we struggle to break free, we are pulled further and further in. We all seem to agree that schools need to be improved. 532 more words

Education Policy

Tonight! Tweet to Stephen Colbert re Tenure Lawsuit

Teachers, time to make your voices heard!

Parents, help your children’s teachers get fair treatment!

Students, you need teachers who can speak truth without fear! 586 more words

Education Reform

Chester Finn Steps Down!

On August 1st, 2014,  Chester Finn will resign as leader of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.  He will be replaced by Michael Petrilli.  The Fordham Foundation has been a leader in the creation and promotion of the Common Core State Standards, other conservative education initiatives, and the assault on public schools.   246 more words

Common Core

Schools That Kill (Creativity)

Schools That Kill (Creativity) by Duane Sharrock

You’ve seen the TEDx video by Sir Ken Robinson:

There is so much wrong about this video, including the citations of research, but especially about what Ken Robinson claims about schools killing creativity. 963 more words


Texas Sees High Teacher Turnover

Ever wonder why most teachers are so young? Well in Texas, it’s because they don’t last very long.

Apparently, half of all new teachers in the Lone Star state will abandon their teaching careers within five years. 102 more words


SC's Zais Mistake

Public education has been under assault and misrepresented by political leaders, the media, and the public since (at least) the mid-1800’s.

Over the past couple of years, I have documented numerous times the… 1,076 more words