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Improving the Quality of Teaching: What Matters Most in the Classroom?

A new Canadian study, “Teacher Incentive Pay That Works,” produced by Vicki Alger for the Fraser Institute, contends that performance bonuses and other incentives  for teachers would improve teaching and ultimately student achievement standards.  916 more words

Comparative School Reform - North America

Doing a Masters in Education Part 1a

Michael Fordham has written two interesting blog posts on research methodology (and methods) Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I started to write a comment to Part 1, realised it was a ridiculous length, and then wrote most of this, before spotting Part 2. 728 more words

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On Education and Poverty, and How We Talk About Them (Part 3b)

StudentsFirst Vice President Eric Lerum and I recently began a debate about approaches to teacher evaluation.  During Part 2 of that debate, the conversation touched on the relationship between anti-poverty work and education reform.  2,411 more words



“Inquiry” is quite the fashion of late. By this, I mean a vogue for framing units of study around questions rather than concepts. Some of this is clearly linked to the success of Grant Wiggins’ and Jay McTighe’s system of… 1,768 more words

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The Misconstrual of Research for Popular Consumption… And What to Do About It

What can hurricanes tell us about education research?  Quite a bit, it seems.

This is not the first time I’ve referenced an article by Jason Samenow, weather editor for the Washington Post, and I suspect it won’t be the last.  489 more words

Framing My View

Phenomenology and constructionism are two outlooks for understanding and describing human experience in ways that can help humans (especially educators, designers, and makers) shape a better/more purposeful future. 544 more words

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"Objectively" Speaking

Today, those of us doing qualitative research about the education of engineers are enlarging the vocabulary of the engineering community, which has — by and large — thought of research as an objective, fact-finding, technical science. 481 more words

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