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Want to appear intelligent? Just smile.

There’s something in my pocket
it belongs across my face.
I keep it very close at hand
in a most convenient place.
~Brownie Smile
PsyBlog featured a new research study… 118 more words
Critical Thinking

Undiscovering the Mountains of Kong

The map on the left looks unexceptional to me, a layman. It’s a standard, if rather archaic, map of West Africa.

But geographers are a lot sharper than most of us, with the kind of keen eye that can spot a child trying to pick up something very unpleasant on a wet beach at a distance of 100 yards. 716 more words


You've Been Had! (Racial Inequality Report)

This week Motoko Rich wrote a  piece for the New York Times entitled School Data Finds Pattern of Inequalities Among Racial Lines.  In it he shared the Department of Educations Comprehensive report from its Office for Civil Rights.  473 more words


Schools' Research Partnerships

For over 40 years the School of Education and our partnership schools have worked together to train teachers. Schools’ Research Partnerships are a new way for schools and the University to work together.  8 more words


Observation: useful for teachers and researchers

An integral element of my data collection process is observation. It’s hard to play favourites between my three methods (the other two being surveys and interviews), but observation made me excited in a different way. 741 more words


Making Better Use of Research

The Ministry has released Issue #25 (January 2014) in the  Principals Want to Know series, titled Making Better Use of Research. From  page 1: 80 more words


SIGCSE 2014: Collecting and Analysing Student Data 1, Paper 3, Thursday 3:15 - 5:00pm (#SIGCSE2014)

Ok, this is the last paper, with any luck I can summarise it in four words so you don’t die of work poisoning. The final talk was “Using CodeBrowser to Seek Difference Between Novice Programmers” by Kenny Heinonen, Kasper Hirvikoski, Matti Luukkainen, and Arto Vihavainen, from the University of Helsinki. 220 more words