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The Rise of the Mollycoddled Teacher

Teaching is no gentle spin around the block. It's a grueling, energy-sapping and often heart-breaking odyssey. No doubt, it would be a whole lot easier if we could just teach instead of having to deal with barking parents, unexpected syllabus shifts, administrative obstacles, uphill grading, emotional roadblocks and all the newfangled pedagogical and technological ideas we need to pick up on the way. 328 more words


How to Sell Education Technology to Even the Most Technophobic Teachers


Dear Technology Integrator:

Most modern teachers already use digital technology – yes, even the most technophobic ones:


More good stuff on the open frontiers - 12/12

There are wonderful things going on in the tech world. Also some not so great things in education and publishing. Here’s a few articles on the good and not-so-good stuff. 733 more words

Change Around Us

Why teachers are irreplaceable!

Saying the same thing over and over again on this blog, is not too surprising I guess.  After all, the words that appear here are most often a reflection of my thoughts, my passion and those issues that inspire me to blog in the first place. 836 more words

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