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The Eduspire Presuppositions

The twelve Eduspire Presuppositions are designed to provide the basis for a paradigm of education that can support the societal paradigm shift that is already taking place… 326 more words


Comparing paradigms of education

Following on from my previous post (Introducing the “education spectrum”), I have listed in the table below some of the key values (i.e. what is considered important) held by those operating at either end of the education spectrum. 466 more words


What is the purpose of school?

Firstly, it is pointless to discuss the purpose or usefulness of school without considering it in the context of what is happening in society. I see a paradigm shift taking place: a fundamental change in the way in which we view life and ourselves. 929 more words


School Is Out!

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”                 – Mark Twain

I’ve often quoted Mark Twain in jest. Now I’m realising his words are worryingly applicable.

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