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9 Sexy Science Resources for Teaching Our Future Super Heroes

Two decades have passed since I last took a science class, but I fondly remember measuring pig intestines, using a circuit board to create parallel and series circuits, and capturing insects that I then identified and pinned onto a board.   429 more words


Revolution in higher ed is slow to arrive; still desperately needed

The Economist has a suggestion on how to reverse the current situation where some college degrees aren’t worth the time and effort: Making college cost less… 370 more words

Change Around Us

What is education, anyway? Pt.2

Let’s face it, children are basically all the same and should be taught in the same, tried and tested, chalk and talk, fashion. Teachers in schools should focus purely on the 3R’s – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic – and leave that creative ‘fluff’ for kids to pursue in their own time. 556 more words

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This week I am sharing a post published on Teachling earlier this year. Teachling introduces her post with a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, an international advisor on Education. Like Teachling, I very much admire his work and would love to see education systems implement his recommendations. I hope you will set aside the 19 minutes it will take to listen to what Ken has to say. You will be amused, entertained and educated. I intended providing a summary of important points from his talk, but found I was recording the talk in full! Teachling has provided a few notes but I would love you to listen to the entire talk and let me know what you think. How can we join the revolution that Ken says we need?

More good stuff on the open frontiers - 3-20-14

A few articles on technology, energy, and publishing that are worth a read and a brief comment. Reusable first stages of rockets, several updates on Yutu (Chinese lunar rover), commercial drones, lightly armed drones, and another shale field with big potential. 775 more words


Don't Let the Curriculum Use You

Having standards isn’t a bad thing, nor is having a curriculum based around said standards. However, such a curriculum is limited in its ability to provide four essential skills to our students: communication, emotional stability, problem solving, and innovation. 459 more words


What About the Girls?

I have been a strong advocate of teaching boys and girls differently for a few years now. My reasons for pushing gender-based learning are neurological and cognitive – boys' and girls' brains just work differently. 571 more words


More good stuff on the open frontiers - 3-3-14

More good stuff on the open frontiers: energy, space, education, publishing. Good info but only time to summarize in a paragraph:  


2-9 – Grumpy Economist – … 745 more words

Change Around Us