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Let's put 'The teacher knows best' to rest!

Back in 2013, the world beheld the release of the third film adaptation of Stephen King’s breakthrough, and enduring, masterpiece ‘Carrie.’ Like its onscreen predecessors, Kimberley Peirce’s production relives the telekinetic bloodbath unleashed by the eponymous protagonist following extensive provocation from her tormentors. 2,423 more words

Unfinished Symphony

Movement I
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Whose the dumbest duckling of them all?
Mother’s little helper and confident
She threw the nail polish against the wall… 826 more words


National Conspiracy Theory Day

Apparently, this is not actually a holiday unlike National Punctuation Day (September 24) and National Opposite and Irish Coffee Day (January 25). But I’m feeling like talking about education which I have a ton of conspiracy theories about, so I am officially declaring today to be National Conspiracy Theory Day on top of its designation as National Crush A Can Day. 784 more words


I Dreamed Of Being A Teacher Once...

At one time, I was admonished to become an English teacher. I would be a good one they said. And I truly thought that one day I would be. 854 more words

Writer's Blog

Brace yourself for a NACT onslaught on education

It looks very much like ACT’s one MP, David Seymour, will become Associate Education Minister.

You might wonder why this is.  You might think it’s a terrible move.   265 more words

Charter Schools

"Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child."

The quote entitling this post is by Charles Handy, an Irish author and philosopher born in 1932. He specializes in organizational behavior and management, although that is all I know about him, and it is courtesy of Wikipedia. 726 more words

Satanic Temple reduces Satanism to a joke in the classroom

It causes me to feel cold when any organization or group seeks to target children in schools with indoctrination and propaganda.  In my view the… 272 more words