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Brace yourself for a NACT onslaught on education

It looks very much like ACT’s one MP, David Seymour, will become Associate Education Minister.

You might wonder why this is.  You might think it’s a terrible move.   265 more words

Charter Schools

"Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child."

The quote entitling this post is by Charles Handy, an Irish author and philosopher born in 1932. He specializes in organizational behavior and management, although that is all I know about him, and it is courtesy of Wikipedia. 726 more words

Satanic Temple reduces Satanism to a joke in the classroom

It causes me to feel cold when any organization or group seeks to target children in schools with indoctrination and propaganda.  In my view the… 272 more words


The Clash Between Older Teaching Styles and the Modern World

Teaching, like virtually any profession in history, has struggled with the challenge of providing an effective service at an affordable cost.  Primary education has to ensure students come out with the skills needed to be effective citizens, to qualify for basic jobs, and to enter into secondary education (if they so choose).   618 more words

Education System

What is the purpose of school?

Firstly, it is pointless to discuss the purpose or usefulness of school without considering it in the context of what is happening in society. I see a paradigm shift taking place: a fundamental change in the way in which we view life and ourselves. 929 more words


NSF urges review of 'No-detention policy' of RTE

“Since students are compulsorily promoted till class VIII, facing examinations in Class IX and X becomes the biggest hurdle for them,” the apex students’ body said in a representation to the Parliamentary Secretary for School Education of the state government. 85 more words


Delimiting University Numbers is Madness


Why does the government want to fill the nation with undergraduates? Nonsense politicising AGAIN. “removing the cap on aspiration”. What utter nonsense from the Department of Education and Skills in the run up to an election. 89 more words