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Edu.system does the Fringe.

Hi everyone,

We’ve now moved up to Edinburgh for The Fringe festival and we’re going to be here all month. If you’re around here then look out for some of our posters around and about which will be going up soon. 245 more words

Ideal Education System: For Kenya

Africa is extremely rich yet majority of her inhabitants wallow in squalid conditions. It is time, at last, to get out of this quandary. Our forefathers, the freedom fighters, envisioned a great continent. 1,095 more words


Indian Education System

Like all meaningful conversations, this one took place aboard a flight, with a stranger. It was the month of May, and every family would have that distant relative that had written the top engineering college’s entrance exam that week. 516 more words



First of all, I personally prefer British education to Japanese one in terms of teaching styles. A significant difference between them is whether scolding or praising students in order to encourage them to study hard. 293 more words

"Ache Din" for Young India's Education

“Ache Din” (Good days) for education sector and thus for the country is around.

If the multi-pronged approach for holistic education and skill-building continues as per the policy statements, we will be well on the way to building a stronger India. 455 more words


Sanskrit Education gets a fillip

While we grow, we should remember the roots. India is now returning to its core strength… its roots.

We have discussed about the importance of Sanskrit education and its future in an earlier blog.  20 more words


India is producing double the required number of engineers

-Kotak Analsyts, also the authors of How Many Engineers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb

Saketh Sistla