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Poem: The Schoolgirl Kills Herself After Failing an Exam

In building up a repository of poems…

This is from QLRS.

The Schoolgirl Kills Herself After Failing An Exam

She jumps from the tenth floor of a housing block…

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Teaching is a learning experience

Our second day of homeschooling didn’t go quite as smoothly as the first… which I fully expected would happen sooner or later. It’s definitely a new dynamic for mother and son to be in, so it’s bound to take some adjusting on both parts for it to be successful. 708 more words


Private Schools are Charitable. Really?


Is it really possible to argue that expensive, elitist private schools provide a charitable service?

Could no Corporation Tax and 80% Rates discount be an incentive to hide behind ‘charity’??


A meaningful challenge

There have been many times in my life when I hit a crossroads…moments that left me asking the universe for meaning. My meaning. Ironically enough, the most challenging of those times came after a job layoff and both ended with the same realization: That my focus and efforts, while seemingly worthwhile and obvious to me, weren’t exactly what I needed to be doing. 452 more words



My friends always used to say that my story deserves to be a book or  a movie. They actually told that for fun but I took it seriously. 1,620 more words

LIfe Skills

The Fucking American Education System

“study every night.”
“get 90s and above.”
“take honors and AP classes.”
“join clubs.”
“and be on a sports team.”
“attend practice every day for that team.” 394 more words


Our Education System: The Change That Needs to Be Made

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word school? Most students would say “tests,” this should be an automatic red flag as to what is wrong with Canada’s education system. 405 more words

Canada’s Education System