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The Smallest Things

five empty baskets
consolation for my soul
when grief engulfs joy


"First Flight" with Bronze Eagle Flying Club

By Anisa Magallanes

Learning who our client was while in South Korea was a little shocking. I had never heard of the Bronze Eagle Flying Club and was a little worried that my lack of knowledge with anything aviation would hinder the group. 343 more words

The existential post...why am I here?

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a Blogging 101 course…it dawned on me yesterday that I had not received anything and knew it would be starting soon. 418 more words


#11: Real Life Evidence of Failing Education

My astronomy professor recently did a lecture on seasons and why we have them. This is something that I have known since the 5th grade, and thought was just common knowledge. 492 more words




في هاش تاج تريندينج هاليومين – نفس عنوان المقال -، وبصراحة سؤال مهم، وقعدت أفككككرررر وقعدت أعييييط، وبعدين عرفت بالزبط الجواب!!!!!
الهاش تاج غلط؟؟؟ لازم يكون #ماذا_يجب_تغيره_في_الأردن_لتكون_متقدمة، لأنه فعلياً، إحنا مش ناقصنا شي بشكل نسبي……تعليماً نسبياً منيح، صحةً نسبياً منيح، تراثاً وتاريخاً نسبياً منيح، طقساً وأماكن طبيعية نسبياً منيح، حتى مالياً نسبياً منيح، وبظل عنا الي ناقص فعلياً هو إدارة كل هذه الموارد بشكل منيح، حتى نصبح متقدمين!!! 105 more words


Newest Indianapolis police department puts kids first

By Jill Glavan

WARREN TOWNSHIP, Ind. (September 17, 2014) — The newest police force in Indianapolis is sworn to protect our youngest citizens.

Six officers took their oaths Wednesday as part of the newly formed Warren Township School Police Department. 270 more words