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How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

In the United States, the school year averages approximately 180 days. Once you begin to take out holidays, professional days, and weather related closings, it becomes apparent that good learning habits must occur in the home in order for a child to be successful in school. 908 more words



How many videos of the ALS ice bucket challenge have been flooding your Facebook and Twitter feeds? Maybe you’ve been tagged in a few or even made one yourself. 351 more words

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LA School District Reluctantly Gives Up The Grenade Launchers The Pentagon Gave Them


Just last week, MuckRock posted on its site about a FOIA request from California, detailing the military equipment given to school police forces. Just the fact that any military equipment is being given to school police should raise some serious questions, but the one that really stood out was that the LA School Police had been given three grenade launchers, along with 61 assault rifles and one MRAP (mine resistant vehicle — the big scary looking armored vehicles that have become one of the key symbols of police militarization).

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Day 18: Teaching is Love.

Today’s Teach Thought blogging challenge prompt:

Create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes your teaching philosophy.

And after the word-heavy posts from Day 17 and Day 16…

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A Good Name Is To Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches


This isn’t hard to figure out, people.

“Barack Obama” is the new “Martin Luther King.”  Anything named after it, streets, schools, parks, whatever, is to be avoided. 44 more words


A parent's guide to toddlers with tech - The Times of India

Eighty per cent of the growth of a child’s mental growth occurs in the first two years. This is when it learns language skills and becomes responsive to human interaction. 94 more words

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