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"Key Facts" of the redevelopment of Lambeth College on Brixton Hill

As previously outlined, an ‘open forum’ last week was organised by the partners redeveloping the Lambeth College site on Brixton Hill, which included the Education Funding Agency, Mott MacDonald, Lambeth College, Trinity Academy and South Bank UTC. 700 more words


Thoughts on Sex Abuse and Traditionalism

During a potluck at St F, I once had a lengthy conversation with a homeschooling mom who regaled me with tales about why the Girl Scouts were a hotbed of Marxism and secular humanism and other culture war scare stories (as an aside, I have to mention that I was a Girl Scout for ten years and if that organization was as radical as she claimed, I would have been a lot more into attending meetings). 644 more words

How did our Solar System form?

I came across this great NASA page recently, with an explanation of how our Solar System formed aimed at xx-xx year old children. It has a clear, concise video of our Solar System’s formation, which I have included below. 71 more words


Revenge Porn: Report, Prosecute, Repeat?

In previous blogs, it has been spoken about how revenge porn has now become criminalized and how legislation has been passed in order to offer its victims’ justice. 534 more words


Catching Corporate Reformers Spying on Our Children and the Big Lies

Another example of how the corporate supported education reformers will cherry-pick data, spy on children long after they graduate from high school, and DELIBERATELY LIE to achieve their agenda to destroy the public schools, and this is just in one state, New York—-it’s happening in every state!. 57 more words


Kids give Michelle Obama sarcastic ‘thanks’ on Twitter

WASHINGTON (AP) — School kids are giving thanks to first lady Michelle Obama just in time for the holiday — with a sarcastic Twitter hashtag about unappealing school lunches. 598 more words


plano e (work in progress - em obras)

Guys were involved in a BIG project to assist Brazilian education… To offer an extra option to the thousands who don’t make the cut to third level education… 1,123 more words