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Private or public

I have been told in a briefing note from the LGIU that a recent edition of the Financial Times newspaper carried a report from Children England, a coalition of leading charities, warning that “price-driven competition” in children’s services is having a damaging effect on the resources available for vulnerable young people.  488 more words


How Do I Develop My Skills for the IELTS Writing Test?

The International English Language Testing System examination – sounds pretty scary right? For most Filipinos who have taken the test, the IELTS has indeed made them nervous and challenged. 480 more words


Matt Ridley: Realistic roundup of renewables

Matt Ridley article for the Times, reposted from the GWPF, because as many people as possible need to read it and think. Then act by using your vote sensibly. 874 more words


James Sharer: Excellent Grade Point Average

James Sharer is a student at Pennsylvania State University, where he is majoring in Biology and planning to go on to medical school. To date, he has kept up a 3.74 grade point average. 256 more words

James Sharer

Confusion over role of NZ's first Chief Education Scientific Advisor

Professor Stuart McNaughton has been appointed New Zealand’s first Chief Education Scientific Advisor.  His job is to promote the use of sound scientific research in the forming of education policy, and to help ensure that changes are based on this rigorous research. 220 more words


Erik Surjan: Extraordinary People

“The world has, and continues to be, populated by extraordinary people,” says Erik Surjan, a former athlete, frequent blogger, and developing actor from Australia. He has an impressive background that many would probably call extraordinary. 248 more words

Erik Surjan

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Knowledge can be a slave master, constantly pushing us to acquire more and burdening us with the responsibility of remembering a lot of information.

This is what is likely to happen when we ignore our inner wisdom and become overly dependent on the pursuit of knowledge. 123 more words