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Intro 3 The Opportunity Class and Me

The Opportunity Class and me…..A Match Made in Heaven

Once upon a time long ago when they thought up comprehensive schools they had to think of something to do with the kids who had been in the bottom stream of the Sec Mods. 256 more words


Lesson 1 in Life Skills

Lesson 1

Oops I got my days wrong!  I should be starting my 107 lessons today, so I will put this one in for today, as it seems particularly relevant to Justice for LB. 215 more words


Word 2 of the Weekend: festivity

Why is it useful? Who doesn’t love to celebrate and enjoy something? Today is a holiday, so do you have any special festivities planned?

Courtesy: Merriam-Webster Learners


I Don't Understand "Wealth"

Or, for lack of a better term, money-hoarding. My parents are always stressing the need to get a high-paying job, and I just can’t relate. I don’t care about money. 175 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

You are invited!

I am very proud and excited to introduce to you my college Capstone project!

“Listening Is The Answer” is a one-day seminar that trains people in effective listening by distinguishing defective patterns and habits, and identifying key tools for being an excellent listener; it includes an opportunity for one-on-one coaching. 68 more words