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How to move data from Excel to SQL Server2008- Act 1 Scene 1

So, I have undertaken a massive BIG project in Educational Data Mining which the first step is data collection. After collecting the data and most of it is in excel format. 608 more words

Educational Data Mining

Clustering With K-Means in Python

A very common task in data analysis is that of grouping a set of objects into subsets such that all elements within a group are more similar among them than they are to the others. 1,005 more words


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Data Processing with Weka (Part II)

Today, I will discuss and elaborate on data processing in Weka 3.6 (it’s the same in version 3.7 too). This post is the second part in the series of “Data pre-processing with Weka”. 618 more words

Educational Data Mining

Java IO Exception when using Weka CSVLoader

Well today, I was trying to load a csv file in Weka when I got the dreaded error message . I had seen this java error message “ 220 more words

Educational Data Mining