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Data Processing with Weka (Part II)

Today, I will discuss and elaborate on data processing in Weka 3.6 (it’s the same in version 3.7 too). This post is the second part in the series of “Data pre-processing with Weka”. 618 more words

Educational Data Mining

Java IO Exception when using Weka CSVLoader

Well today, I was trying to load a csv file in Weka when I got the dreaded error message . I had seen this java error message “ 220 more words

Educational Data Mining

Data Pre-processing with Weka (Part-1)

Please download and install Weka 3.7.11 from this URL

Some sample datasets for you to play with are present here or in Arff format

Weka dataset needs to be in a specific format like arff or csv etc. 640 more words

Educational Data Mining

Keyword’s explained for PSLC datashop

Knowledge Component

A knowledge component is a piece of information that can be used to accomplish tasks, perhaps along with other knowledge components. Knowledge component is a generalization of everyday terms like concept, principle, fact, or skill, and cognitive science terms like schema, production rule, misconception, or facet. 446 more words

Educational Data Mining

Clustering with Weka 3.6 part-1

1. Download and install Weka 3.6 from here
2. Follow this blog to convert your data file to ARFF format
3. Click on ‘open file’ and select the .arff file that you created in step 2. 119 more words

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