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Annoying Homeschoolers

I ran into this article a few days ago and found it quite intriguing. I remembering people asking my mother questions about socialization and what we were missing in out in “real” school. 231 more words


Mourningside Productions Collaboration

My brother and I traveled down to Baltimore to meet up with our friend and collaborate with the horror film company mourningsideproductions.net We helped them film “Stares from the staircase” a short film to be included in their feature length “Nightmares through the needle” it was a fun and educational experience. 10 more words


Day 52 - One time, at band camp

What a week to have to cross the bridges in Fredericton. The camp didn’t start until 9:00, so getting there wasn’t really a big deal, but crossing over to the north side at 4:00PM wasn’t fun. 208 more words