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What Makes a Museum Great?

Recently, I’ve been surrounded by a well-nigh endless supply of museums, and this great fortune has led me to consider how these institutions work.  Simply put, what makes a museum a great place you’ll visit again and again?   667 more words

Tied Together Reunion 2014

Most artists and artisans spend many hours working alone.  We draw creative energy from within ourselves.  Affirmation comes from our patrons when our work is admired and purchased.   692 more words


Annoying Homeschoolers

I ran into this article a few days ago and found it quite intriguing. I remembering people asking my mother questions about socialization and what we were missing in out in “real” school. 231 more words


Mourningside Productions Collaboration

My brother and I traveled down to Baltimore to meet up with our friend and collaborate with the horror film company mourningsideproductions.net We helped them film “Stares from the staircase” a short film to be included in their feature length “Nightmares through the needle” it was a fun and educational experience. 10 more words