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Questions to Help Push Beyond Academic Average

The Beyond Average Lifestyle

  1. List three people you associate with who help you push beyond average results.
  2. How can pushing beyond average help you achieve greatness in your life?
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Push Beyond Average for High School Success

When I was a high school social studies teacher, the first day of school was filled with me spouting rules and handing out the class text to each student. 1,045 more words


Helpful Questions to Educational Success

The Two Minutes Lifestyle

  1. List three areas in your life that, if you were more organized, you would see greater success from.
  2. Take the next two weeks to spend a small amount of time organizing these areas.
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Work Smarter For Success in Education Questions

The Work Smarter Lifestyle

  1. How can you use your failures to greatly improve your chances of success?
  2. What results do you want to deliver to the world?
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Blow Up The Pipeline

“Blow up the pipeline, as long as it’s there it suggests that something should flow through it” says Superintendent Dr. Owen Roberts Monday night at the African-American Accountability Alliance community meet and greet thrown on his behalf. 814 more words

Educational Improvement

Work Smarter For Success In Education

There is a saying you probably have heard by now, “Work smarter, not harder.” However, how do you work smarter if you don’t know how “dumb” you are working? 913 more words


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