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Holistic Review in the Anti-Affirmative Action Era

In the anti-affirmative action era, the process of “Holistic Review” has been used in college admissions as a comprehensive approach to evaluating students beyond the traditional high school GPA and standardized test score. 1,024 more words

A Map Of World Education - Men vs Women - Who Gets More Schooling & Where ?

Which Sex Receives More Education Worldwide?

” The first question regarding the map should be its credibility. This map was not produced by any particular research institution, but by a man named Alexandr Trubetskoy who apparently has a penchant for making infographic-style maps.

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How do teachers think about the Achievement Gap?

This title wrecked my morning, specifically around selecting the first word. There is no question teachers think about the Achievement Gap. I have not met a single teacher who has not given the entire issue a great deal of thought, so the question requires some form of relative pronoun, hence the use of “How?” 452 more words


Yes, I still hate my job

My school has no money, some teachers have left and new ones have joined us, some students have left and new ones have joined us, and I’m still hating my job.   83 more words