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Springtime Weather Wonders! (and Wondering Whether It Will Ever Be Springtime)

We got a ton of snow here yesterday and woke up to a howling, bitingly cold wind this morning. Typical for January in Canada, sure, but I really wish I could say spring was “just around the corner” and believe it! 125 more words

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Are Digital Advancements Having a Positive Impact on Academic Publishing?

Digital Publishing, a revolution for educational materials? Lets explore…

Digital Publishing within the Educational Field

The main advantage of digital publishing within the educational field is that it’s generally more affordable (though remember that the development and maintenance of electronic publications’ are not free, mainly for multimedia applications). 1,569 more words

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Texas religious views in YOUR neighborhood school

How are religious views of a vocal group in Texas affecting world history classes in your neighborhood school? For decades, activists hoping to influence K-12 textbook content have focused on the Texas approval process. 209 more words

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The Best Tips on Writing Good University Papers

If you want any help on writing a university paper, the Educational Library is the perfect spot to begin. Its website includes a number of info which will help you with your writing. 452 more words

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University Papers: Landmark to cross to become Master

University is an educational place where student comes from different societies and from different places to get master in their respectively chosen fields. University takes… 455 more words

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