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An education prof. goes back to high school, finds technology is no longer a tool but a context - The Hechinger Report

Every student arrived with a smartphone. Ask a question, and instantly, thumbs began to effortlessly search for a digital answer. High school history had changed during my 21 year absence from teaching it.

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Truth From The Trenches

“Our hearts would sing if our administrators really made it safe to try new things and make mistakes,” a teacher I had never met and will will unlikely ever meet again shared with me at the recent NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education) conference. 887 more words

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Perspectives on Learning Pathways – Remake Learning

On Friday, November 21st the Sprout Fund hosted the Pittsburgh Learning Pathways Summit, a town hall meeting where teachers, students, mentors, and others gathered to explore ways to connect in-school and out-of-school learning experiences and create new pathways to opportunity for students in the greater Pittsburgh region. 44 more words

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Minecraft at Tate: in gaming, the Renaissance has returned

Jonathan Jones: This new collaboration is proof that video games hark back to an artistic age obsessed with realism and perspective – the Renaissance

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Art and Science Intersect at the Environmental Charter School's Thinking Lab

On a recent Thursday morning at the Environmental Charter School at Frick Park, eighth graders Tori Hogue and Riley Wolynn are hacking web pages. It’s not…

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Hello World! More kids blogging about the Remarkability Room!

When we first walked into the room there was a set of rules that we had to follow. We could bring do or create anything that wasn’t against our school rules, at first we were very confused what we had to do in the Remarkability Room. 306 more words


Coding exposure: 900 students develop their first programs at App Day - GeekWire

Inside the gymnasium on Friday at Rainier Beach High School was a scene best described as organized chaos.

Source: www.geekwire.com

Great program that more schools should model.

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