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Growth Mindset

From Professor Carol Dweck, the originator of mindset theory:

I am delighted to recommend this important book. The authors explain my research on students’ motivation and mindset elegantly and succinctly, and show how it can be applied in everyday learning and teaching.

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Teaching And Learning

Why Give a Student a Grade and What Does it Mean When I Do?

The beating heart of the classroom these days seems to be located in assessing what has been learned.  Every student seems to solely motivated by the grade earned.  1,485 more words


Can theory help us see how education can liberate in powerful new ways?

This is the second weekly post describing my new book, Seeds of Freedom: Liberating Education in Guatemala.

The three first-grade children from the remote village of Santa María Tzeja in Guatemala, shown here, don’t study theory, but theory can help us understand why they chose to stay in the classroom while their classmates were playing outside in their recess period.   298 more words

Liberating Education

Setting Up the Classroom - In the Beginning

So here you are standing in a square space that smells like something crusty and old, while being lambasted with a mild lime green paint color that isn’t real but created from years of humidity and light impression.   380 more words

Educational Theory