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Another interesting point from Peter Gray - on how we perceive children

I found this notion of the shifting relationship between mankind and ‘nature’ and how it shapes our notions of child-rearing thought-provoking:

“Finally, I’d like to suggest an additional reason for the difference between hunter-gatherers and subsequent societies in child-rearing methods. 513 more words

Early Learning

Happiness and Teaching – Insights from Dewey

In earlier postings, I (Clive) talked about the need to see teaching and teacher education in very broad terms; to see ourselves as ultimately helping students develop a satisfying, enjoyable or “happy” way of life. 322 more words


Literacy and Education

Every day I read.  And since having a child, every book I read is filtered through a mental checklist of sorts: Would this be useful to Kiddo?  1,810 more words


Teaching = a conversation with learners about solving a problem

I get rather perplexed by people’s attempts to exalt one particular way of teaching.  Ofsted’s criteria seems to have created a culture in England where there’s a “right way” and a “wrong way” and that pupils have to demonstrate progress every other minute of your lesson.  639 more words

Educational Theory

"There should be brief intervals of time for quiet reflection . . ."

In this 1938 book about educational theory, John Dewey continues: “But they are periods of genuine reflection only when they follow after times of more overt action and are used to organize what has been gained . 77 more words


A Deepening Contemplation

I have been spending a lot of time lately trying to think with others about how the seven liberal arts, the four sciences, a Christian idea of epistemology, and the modes of knowledge of all work together.   43 more words

Educational Theory

Summary of #amee2014 symposium on the importance of educational theories

Last week I was at the annual AMEE conference, which is probably the largest international conference in medical education attracting delegates from across the health care professions and the continuum of education.  981 more words

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