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More on the Modes of Teaching: Mimesis

It has been awhile since I wrote directly on the two modes of teaching.  I still hold to what I said in my previous writing, but I wish to add to it.  783 more words

Educational Theory

The Way of Humble Ignorance

I want to try and define a roadblock to becoming a better teacher that I see in myself and others regularly, but that our culture has made very difficult for us to apprehend. 1,148 more words


THEORY: Bjork files - Desirable Difficulties

Desirable Difficulties in Theory and Practise.

If you set up a ‘desirable learning environment’ it appears you can develop fast learning (or apparent rapid progress). However, if you create ‘desirable difficulties’ including spacing, interleaving, testing rather than re-study and variability. 555 more words

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THEORY: The Bjork files - testing is not all bad

Testing is not so bad

Bjork’s studies have shown that most people are inaccurate at measuring their own knowledge. Take for example a situation where you read a chapter from a textbook. 127 more words

Educational Theories

A Finished Dissertation - MOOC Pasts & Futures

After nearly two years of intense study, scholarship and research, my dissertation The Evolution & Impact of the Massive Open Online Course has been published to ProQuest (though I am sharing it via Scribd, as ProQuest is not always the easiest for open access).   666 more words

A Synchronous Definition

I’ve been writing something of late, and much of it hinges on the definition of the word synchronous, or better yet, how the word is used. 256 more words

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Teaching the Past

My teaching experience has been, to say the least, varied.   My specific assignments for full time courses over the years since starting in 1990 have included:  Bible, Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, Experimental Science, Ancient Literature, Ancient History, Medieval Humanities, US History, Modern Literature, History of Philosophy, Logic, Rhetoric, Composition, American Movies, and even P.E.  569 more words

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