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Summary of #amee2014 symposium on the importance of educational theories

Last week I was at the annual AMEE conference, which is probably the largest international conference in medical education attracting delegates from across the health care professions and the continuum of education.  981 more words

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Why is the Goof So Aloof?

Man is constantly producing and reproducing a culture.  The cumulative total of current intellectual, spiritual, and emotional constructs within a nation or people is like unto a flowing river.  548 more words


THEORY and TOOLS: PowToon and Reggio Emilia

Ever heard of the Reggio Emilia. This video gives a brief explanation of the educational theory from Italy and a prime example of how to use PowToon.   16 more words

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More on the Modes of Teaching: Mimesis

It has been awhile since I wrote directly on the two modes of teaching.  I still hold to what I said in my previous writing, but I wish to add to it.  783 more words

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Reflection on Gardners' Theory of Multiple Intelligences

This Blog is a reflection on a theory that I have used in many assignments and when planning many lessons. From the moment that I heard about Gardners’ Theory of Multiple Intelligence – it made a lot of sense to me.   281 more words

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When reading this post from a fellow edc3100 student I related to it instantly! In the early subjects of my degree, when introduced to Gardner's Multiple Intelligence's - it was a like bulb moment...it made total sense! On researching further I came across an external blog page about Gardner's theories: http://greeneyezwinkin2.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/dr-howard-gardner-on-multiple-intelligences/ Working as a TA at a Specialist School for the last 4 years I have also seen the school change from using and not using Direct Instruction. In some instances children with special needs learn well with the repetitiveness of direct instruction ( but doesn't make it fun to teach).