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Linear Curriculum and the Big Picture

I have spent several weeks pouring over first grade curriculum.  It’s exciting, but it’s also overwhelming.  It’s overwhelming, despite my degree in education, several years in the classroom, writing much of my own curriculum, and spending more than four years researching with the knowledge that we were going to homeschool our kids.   599 more words

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Amanda Ripley on low-tech critical thinking

The Economist interviews Amanda Ripley, author of “The Smartest Kids in the World.” Her findings: the kids who did best on PISA tests had less technology in the classroom, and better educated and competent teachers.

Economist interviews Amanda Ripley

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Literacy is Knowledge

City Journal writers such as Sol Stern often criticize “student centred” approaches to learning, especially those baptized by Marxist pedagogue Paulo Freire. While Freire’s view of intellectual freedom in relation to Marxism is suspect, I think that this threat is basically ignored because university education lecturers read… 487 more words

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Philosophy curriculum in Manitoba

Ontario has had a high school philosophy curriculum for some time – so why doesn’t Manitoba? Curriculum development must receive the blessing of the academy on high, and currently the steering committee is… 547 more words

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Signs and Wonders

Several disjointed thoughts here from my reading and current conversation with various friends:

  1.        Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos is taking me on an extended journey into Semiotic theory, reminiscent of where Barfield’s…
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Tradition or snobbery? Part 2

Yesterday I began to look at the reasons I believe there are two opposing camps in the traditional / progressive education debate. I cannot claim to have come up with a definitive answer, but I begin to suspect that it is more than just the personal educational experiences of the teachers. 1,025 more words


Tradition or snobbery? Part 1

Going away for a while (both literally and in the blogging and Twitter sense) has given me the chance to consider an element in the educational debate that I hadn’t thought about before. 814 more words