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THEORY and TOOLS: PowToon and Reggio Emilia

Ever heard of the Reggio Emilia. This video gives a brief explanation of the educational theory from Italy and a prime example of how to use PowToon.   16 more words

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More on the Modes of Teaching: Mimesis

It has been awhile since I wrote directly on the two modes of teaching.  I still hold to what I said in my previous writing, but I wish to add to it.  783 more words

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Reflection on Gardners' Theory of Multiple Intelligences

This Blog is a reflection on a theory that I have used in many assignments and when planning many lessons. From the moment that I heard about Gardners’ Theory of Multiple Intelligence – it made a lot of sense to me.   281 more words

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When reading this post from a fellow edc3100 student I related to it instantly! In the early subjects of my degree, when introduced to Gardner's Multiple Intelligence's - it was a like bulb moment...it made total sense! On researching further I came across an external blog page about Gardner's theories: http://greeneyezwinkin2.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/dr-howard-gardner-on-multiple-intelligences/ Working as a TA at a Specialist School for the last 4 years I have also seen the school change from using and not using Direct Instruction. In some instances children with special needs learn well with the repetitiveness of direct instruction ( but doesn't make it fun to teach).

The Way of Humble Ignorance

I want to try and define a roadblock to becoming a better teacher that I see in myself and others regularly, but that our culture has made very difficult for us to apprehend. 1,148 more words


THEORY: Bjork files - Desirable Difficulties

Desirable Difficulties in Theory and Practise.

If you set up a ‘desirable learning environment’ it appears you can develop fast learning (or apparent rapid progress). However, if you create ‘desirable difficulties’ including spacing, interleaving, testing rather than re-study and variability. 555 more words

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THEORY: The Bjork files - testing is not all bad

Testing is not so bad

Bjork’s studies have shown that most people are inaccurate at measuring their own knowledge. Take for example a situation where you read a chapter from a textbook. 127 more words

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