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PlanToys Japan - Mini fair on TV

Plantoys Japan appeared on commercial TV program, let’s take a look. (there was no English subtitle ;p)

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Plantoys My First Camera

Get picture perfect views of your surroundings with this Plantoys camera. Point, Focus and click the shutter and see the different images through kaleidoscope lens! 50 more words

Plantoys Chicken Nesting

This basic nesting toy comes with a chicken theme. It consists of 4 pieces and a circle base. Children are able to learn about the sequencing, life cycle of a chicken and play in various styles. 28 more words

LO exploring on Plantoys Breakfast Menu Set

Let’s have breakfast together!!!

You will realize how LO is having fun and would like you to have a meal together with them. Don’t miss the opportunity to have the family activity together with them (n_n) 15 more words

DB 5630 : Click Clack Tree

Pound the ball through the hole and watch the wooden ball spiral down the trunk of the tree!



DB 5527 : Creative Blocks

The Blocks contain 46 pieces with 11 shapes. There are 18 colored blocks and 28 natural blocks. Using various combinations the blocks can make a town, castle, or anything that sparks a child’s imagination. 88 more words

Modern Building Blocks are Safe, Fun, and Teach Kids how Different Robots Work!

  • Individual Cubelets snap together to make a variety of different robots
  • Build robots that respond to light, objects, temperature and drive around
  • Expandable system – add more Cubelets for a larger variety of robot options…
  • 297 more words