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How To Tell If Your Child Is Bullying Others (And What You Can Do About It)

” Simply put, because of the development of their pre-frontal cortex, young people tend not to make clear connections between a behavior and the punishment or consequence they will receive. 194 more words


Not The Tree – part 4 : The Cavalry

In Alfheim, all is not as it seems.

Vivian took a bag out of the back of her silver SUV, printed with roses on a green background, and loosened its drawstrings. 2,103 more words


QuestBridge College Match Scholarship Finalists

MIAMI, FLORIDA – October 23, 2014 – Coral Reef Senior High School is proud to announce five seniors and their respective academy that are finalists for the… 75 more words



The term “Extremadura” is credited with two sources. The first is an apparent error in geography or translation: “The extreme reaches of the Duero River in Iberia.” More recent research suggests that the name originated from “estremad” meaning “separated” and “ura” which implies the practice of herding animals in a year-round pasturing location; a Roman practice. 68 more words


The Closers Guide - Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone reads his own book but never really stays on script giving many extra insight to his thinking in this audiobook. I would say if your in sales you want to be a closer. 58 more words

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If You're Not First You're Last

Grant Cardone controversial book gives people a step by step way out of this economic contraction. By increasing activity, reconnection with old clients and going after new clients you can bypass your competition as they cut back or hold. 132 more words

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Archangels Rise of the Jesuits Volume 1

Written by Janet M. Tavakoil and Narrated by Paul Heitsch Archangels is a story about a Vatican Intelligence Officer named Michael Visconte. He is called to the screen of a murdered Priest who also happened to be the Vatican’s Hedge fund manager. 141 more words

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