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Tribute to Mr. Jacobs


I have to admit you are the only English teacher I ever had whose name I can actual remember. In retrospect it could have been a heroic decision to fail someone who had a 90+ average in your class. 296 more words

Happy Teachers' Day!

It’s that time of year when teachers get to relax and enjoy the flowers, chocolates, and brownies bestowed on all teachers this day. But perhaps with all that time on hand, it’s also a good time to find ways to help be a more effective and efficient classroom manager and wielder of pedagogical tools and technological advances. 227 more words

Stress Management

Join the team for only $25!

Join the team for only $25. That is all it takes to take your goals of business ownership to the next level. Become an Independent Educational Consultant on a team that’s growing. 31 more words

Improving Student Understanding and Accuracy: Becoming Consistently Consistent about Language

The school year has begun the time to begin discussing classroom strategies for educators is here. I postponed writing on this topic for some time, as I wanted to try a few strategies before sharing.  1,179 more words


How To Know When You're a Teacher: Link

For all my teacher friends who have started the new academic year, and for those, like me, who start tomorrow, this is for you. It has been my most popular ever post, and a year later it still makes me smile. 29 more words


Art Break Day, September 5, 11:00am-1:00pm

Remember to take your art break with us this Friday at Fred Meyer West.  This is Step-In Autism Services of Alaska second annual community Art Break event and Fred Meyer West has graciously offered to host the location. 26 more words


Limited Resources? No Problem! Part II: Audio Resources

Audio Resources

Surely you have or your school has microphones somewhere. They may be old, the paint scraped up, or they look like they have been ran over by a truck. 1,978 more words