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Schools That Kill (Creativity)

Schools That Kill (Creativity) by Duane Sharrock

You’ve seen the TEDx video by Sir Ken Robinson:

There is so much wrong about this video, including the citations of research, but especially about what Ken Robinson claims about schools killing creativity. 963 more words


Regarding “How Principals can become effective” | To Talk Like This and Act Like That

Please read the original blog post.

My response is meant to support the ideas shared in the blog. Efficiency can be viewed from different perspectives. Sometimes, efficiency can be interpreted as “doing more with less.” As with any advice, there are always caveats. 526 more words


New principals for Gra-Mar, Eakin and Harpeth Valley in 2014-15

Three more Metro Schools will begin 2014-15 with new principals. District leaders have hired educators with extensive experience in key areas that will serve their new schools well. 431 more words


Letters From Camp: Keeping Order Amid Chaos

So, as promised in my post last week, I’ve got some reflections that bubbled up after a week of teaching summer camp. Up first…classroom management. 622 more words


Making an Education Website Grow: How To

Let me assure you that I have worked heavily on this page since my last post. Ironically, this is only my second blog post, but I have added more pages than it seems I have sense. 468 more words


Events Buzz - Educators Month Coming Up!

It’s almost August! Summer’s almost over!

Fear not if you still need to get your summer reading books. We’ve got ‘em here at 65 James Street or we can order ‘em for you. 444 more words

Doctor Who

Talking to Kids about Current Events and Conflicts

Breaking stories, developing crises, and unexpected catastrophes often involve more than one country, community, and culture. As our children listen in to the radio while stuck in traffic or the evening news program over dinner, it can be easy to think that if we don’t explicitly bring up the news story, then our children don’t know it’s happening. 621 more words