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They Change the World, I Wax Nostalgic and Shiver

When I see teachers now, or talk to them, I get a weird little ache somewhere behind my ribs. It’s a lot like nostalgia and a little like jealousy, and I know it’s still there because whenever I interact with a teacher, it’s almost like I want to jump up and down and wave my arms and shout, “I did it, too! 928 more words


"We Can Ratchet Up Accountability All We Want": America’s Schools; Still Separate And Very Much Unequal

I have taught in two different Mississippi Delta high schools, and now work in a community college.

From the 30,000 foot level, at the federal Department of Education, and even in the Mississippi statehouse, we are told that the problem with our schools is low standards and lack of accountability for teachers. 786 more words


Pre #BIT14 Interview with Derrick Schellenberg and Brian Aspinall

Michelle Cordy (@cordym on Twitter) continued her series of interviews leading to the Bring IT, Together Conference in Niagara Falls on November 5-7, 2014. 138 more words


Get to Know Your OT and PT Team Members

Have you ever wondered what occupational therapists (OTs) and physical therapists (PTs) do at school? OTs and PTs have been part of campus teams since the late 1970’s, supporting students with disabilities who need special education and therapy as a related service to make progress on their Individualized Education Program goals and objectives. 365 more words


Children Before Politics: The Truth Revealed (part 2)

Part 2 of the two part series CHILDREN BEFORE POLITICS: THE TRUTH REVEALED pt 1 (click here for part 1)

Problems Unveiled

Prior to deciding to run for the BOE, I engaged in numerous conversations with elected officials who claimed that they want to bring change to Plainfield’s School System, however now that I am running, those same elected officials will not respond to my emails and may even be… 604 more words

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Inspiring the Next Architects: Children’s Books About Design, Building, and Architecture

Celebrate architecture and design for Archtober with students!

October, or “Archtober” as it is called, marks the 4th annual month-long festival of all things architecture and design in New York City. 701 more words

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EdcampLake -- A Great Start

I must say, I am impressed. Today I witnessed an awesome example of collaboration. In Eustis, Florida, educators from all over the state came together to support each other. 511 more words