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Education Week Teacher's Look at Evaluation system

This is not my post, I stumbled across this and wanted to share. I have very similar thoughts to the evaluation system set in place for teachers in TN. 12 more words

Life In The South

Homework Struggles: How to Make it Easier and More Effective

I recently presented at the “Skills for Success with ADHD” Conference co-sponsored by Hampton Roads CHADD and hosted by Chesapeake Bay Academy. I was honored to talk to both parents and educators about how to support students with ADHD to make homework easier and more effective. 134 more words

Charlie Bucket: The Face of Poverty in Education

“The whole of this family, the six grown ups and little Charlie Bucket, live together in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. 1,306 more words


5 Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

“Those who can’t, teach.”

I am not sure who first coined this phrase, but it’s one that I have never been much amused by. If you are, or are close to, an educator, then you know what it takes to fill the role of teacher. 1,192 more words


Teacher Attitudes

“There can be no significant innovation in education that does not have at its center the attitudes of the teachers. The beliefs, assumptions, feelings of teachers are the air of the learning environment; they determine the quality of life within it.”- Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner Teaching as a Subversive Activity


Lance Forman named first principal of Smith Springs Elementary School

Experienced educator and leader to begin serving the new school right away

Dr. Jesse Register and the Metro Schools leadership team are proud to introduce the first principal for Smith Springs Elementary School. 369 more words