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Grave Silence #art #horrorweek #horror

I’m taking a moment to listen to the voice and the meaning of the two pieces of art. Do you hear it – The sound that is not allowed to escape the confinement of the box? 651 more words


Horror's Diva #horrorweek #art #fiction #halloween

I’m looking at the art I selected for today and realizing minimal and horror works. The use of a few shapes, three or four colors, or primary colors can speak volumes as in these two pieces One by Polish artist… 734 more words


A Philosophical Review of The Scream, By Mahmood Ch. Jumaa

Edvard Munch composed Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) between 1893 and 1910.  The Norwegian expressionist created the work using simple figures and sharp colors. 288 more words

Brecht Vandenbroucke--White Cube (2014)


Imagine Dragons is a band that is hugely popular (popular enough for “Weird Al” to parody their song) and seemed to come out of nowhere.  876 more words

Funny (strange)

The Scream

“My fear of life is necessary to me, as is my illness. Without anxiety and illness, I am a ship without a rudder. My art is grounded in reflections over being different from others. 183 more words


A Bad Day

The Scream by Edvard Much

Both my husband and I have had a bad day. I’ll not go into details other than to say that everything seems more difficult than it should be. 208 more words