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This Weekend, See 'Birdman,' Skip 'Exodus'

This weekend, a tsunami of holiday films will crash down upon us, threatening to submerge us in cinematic overindulgence.

(The deluge actually began Wednesday with the release of the final chapter of “The Hobbit.”) 727 more words


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Birdman  (B-),  The latest film from director Alejandro Iñárritu (Babel) seems to be getting some award buzz, so I figured I should check it out.  195 more words

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Oscar Season: Online Film Critics Society Awards

This late in the game, you are not making a splash anymore unless you are like the San Diego Film Critics naming “Nightcrawler” the Best Film of the year or the Online Film Critics naming “The Grand Budapest Hotel” the best. 234 more words

Oscar Season

Oscar Season: Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards

Splitting the Best Film / Best Director vote like I am beginning to predict, Kansas City gives Best Film to “Birdman” and Best Director to Richard Linklater (“Boyhood”). 125 more words

Oscar Season

Oscar Season: San Francisco Film Critics Circle Awards

Following suit with the other film critics, San Francisco splits its votes between “Birdman” and “Boyhood” with the latter bringing home Best Picture and Best Director. 127 more words

Oscar Season

The Spoiler Room discusses Birdman (2014)

Recorded a few weeks ago with the amazing folks of The Spoiler Room, this wonderful podcast dives into the soaring hit that is Birdman.  The knowledgeable panel of reviewers at the SR were gracious enough to let me add my analysis of the movie.   11 more words


Tres notas sobre Birdman

Comienzo por aclarar que nunca he sido fan de Iñárritu ni de Michael Keaton, y que fui a ver Birdman con muchas reservas, aderezadas por el hecho de que siempre desconfío de películas que son nominadas para muchos premios. 558 more words