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An ode to the 90's and Winona Ryder

Artwork by Sarah K

Whether it’s in film, music or even the clothes we wear we seem to be more nostalgic over the 90s than ever. 733 more words

Anything And Everything

Wanna Watch A Supercut Of Every Robot Movie Ever? Of Course You Do!

Apparently, there is a dude out on the interwebs named Jonathan Mann who has been writing one song every day for over 2000 days. I guess the fact that a guy like this exists isn’t that surprising, but the fact that he seems to dedicate a significant amount of time to the production value of the music and finds the time to make the occasional music video accompaniment is super impressive. 158 more words

Film Drunk

So, Lady Gaga Decided To Dress Like Edward Scissorhands, Because Lady Gaga (PHOTOS)

Oh? It isn’t Halloween yet? Wait—this is Lady Gaga, so, yeah, it was in fact just another Wednesday in her world.

Yesterday, while on the Australian… 85 more words


Edward Scissorhands

That was the night of the “Great Photo Massacre”. With the girls well asleep, I sat in the middle of my king-sized bed, surrounded by photo albums, and with the dexterous hands of a surgeon, armed with my steel bladed scissors I began the surgical removal of Mort. 298 more words

The Abyss

Dream- "The Edward Scissorhands Dream"

The only part of the dream I can remember (which is probably the dream in its entirety), is the scene in Edward’s house at the very top, where there are holes in the roof. 110 more words


10 Day You Challenge- 3 Films

Challenge #8 of the 10 Day You Challenge

My 3 Films…

I am chosing three movies that I love to watch, cry over and feel best represent me. 864 more words

Random Stuff


The role of the inventor on Edward Scissorhands was specifically written for Vincent Price.
However, the actor was very ill at the time of filming, so his scenes had to be reduced.