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The Most Wanted Man in the World

For at least one day last week, the internet went bananas for Wired’s profile of Edward Snowden (or at least my Twitter feed did).

It’s a great profile, with beautiful photography. 194 more words


Rise of the machines? The hopes & fears of Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall

An hour on the phone with Broadband World Forum keynote Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall constitutes a very engrossing sixty minutes indeed. Hall, executive President of Project Cauã and director of Linux International (and probably the most recognisable and longstanding champion of open source software), is now in his sixty-fourth year, but his eyes remain as firmly fixed on the future, and near-future, as ever. 1,285 more words


The Whistleblower On A Magazine Cover

When you see Edward Snowden how firmly he holds the US flag close to his heart on the latest Wired Magazine cover, then you think or say or feel what exactly? 202 more words

Encryption Traffic Jam

One fine day we will have to do something serious and rewarding for the most significant whistleblower in the modern history. Maybe we should promote a prize carrying a name of Edward Snowden or even build him a monument. 168 more words

Stasi 2.0 - August 20th, 2014

Meet MonsterMind, the NSA Bot That Could Wage Cyberwar Autonomously | Wired

Edward Snowden has made us painfully aware of the government’s sweeping surveillance programs over the last year. 683 more words

News Reader

Assange leaves embassy to become Crystal Palace's new manager

Despite having been trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy since June 2012, the lure of taking over London’s tenth most important football club has proved too much for Julian Assange. 228 more words

Flib News

Obama May Soon Send This Reporter to Jail. Here Are the Embarrassing Secrets He Exposed.

According to Mother Jones magazine, the Obama administration intends to send New York Times reporter James Risen to prison for failing to reveal his sources of information in his 2006 book and best seller… 145 more words