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Secrecy loves irony: the NSA's agony aunt and Snowden hits the conferences

Anybody getting hot under the collar about the US National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain’s GCHQ getting all buddy buddy and exchanging everyone’s personal information and undermining the integrity of the internet, it’s time you lightened up. 655 more words


Exclusive: Glenn Greenwald reacts to Pulitzer Prize victory

Back in the United States and now a Pulitzer Prize winner for his reporting on Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald joins Brian Stelter for an exclusive interview.

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Edward Snowden's Bravery

Last Thursday, Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who leaked top-secret documents about the activities of the NSA to journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman, went on Russian television and publicly questioned Russian President Vladimir Putin about Russia’s spying policies. 542 more words

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What have we learned from Edward Snowden's disclosures?

A few things we have learned from Edward Snowden’s disclosures, and their aftermath:

  • U. S. intelligence officials know that we think they are doing something wrong, but…
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Donald Trump wants 'human garbage' Edward Snowden brought back for trial

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems a little preoccupied these days, but maybe President Obama can bring it up during one of their phone calls.


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Data for sale, one (previously) careful owner

The dystopian future of corporation-governments is born here and now Рin the dull-as-dishwater sale of official information.

Data – boring. Tax – boringer. If you try to read… 745 more words


Snowden asks Putin about Russian eavesdropping practices on live TV

Russian special services are using special media for tapping and spying only on the decision of the court, says Vladimir Putin answering the question by former NSA agent Edward Snowden on how Russian government spies online.