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“Don’t be surpressed in your work, dare to experiment, consider any urge, if in a new direction then all the better”

Edward Weston


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But first…
The photographers serenity prayer
Let me have the grace to accept that which I cannot change, 428 more words

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Vegetable Life エドワード・ウェストンに敬意を表して

I took this earlier this week at Chuck Kayser’s organic farm, O.K.Fields in Kutsuki, Shiga. Memories of Edward Weston! These are destined for the Tomato sauce at Cafe Foodelica. これから美味しいオーガニックトマトソースになります!


Assignment 4: Applying Lighting Techniques

This assignment asks me to draw on the different lighting techniques that I have studied in this section of the course, and apply them to a single subject. 1,886 more words



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“The hour is late, the light is failing, I could not expose another film. So there stands my camera focused, trained like a gun, commanding the shells not to move a hair’s breath. 26 more words