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4月12日、ファッション・アイコンのサラ・ジェシカ・パーカーがローリー・ロドキンのEdwardフレーム(black/tealカラー)を着用しNYの街を同じくスタイリッシュな4歳の双子タビザとマリソンと散歩してるところをキャッチされました!サラは最近、SJP by Sarah Jessica Parkerという靴コレクションをたちあげましたが、彼女のファッション、デザインへの前向きなアプローチを反映してますね。


Sama Frame

Heroes and Villains

Back when I first wrote about Edward Snowden, there was no way anyone could have foreseen what could or would happen in the revelations he gave journalists. 372 more words

The one where she gets screwed :-(

Okay, so my heart didn’t get broken this week, but my hopes did get dashed.

This week I sent a text to Edward and when I didn’t hear back for three days, I figured he was sending me a message.  487 more words


Everything is Permitted: The Evolution, Stagnation, and Redemption of Assassin’s Creed

It took me years to play Assassin’s Creed. It’s not that I had no interest in the series—I’d heard about the rich historical environments, likeable characters, and entertaining stealth mechanics often enough to not dismiss it entirely—but I’d been busy playing other games. 2,393 more words

Game Journalism

Day 2

After first evening without wine feel good. Legs rather sore from the weight yesterday (old fella not used to that), but just completed 20 minute steady run to loosen up. 47 more words