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I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!  Everything is a mess on here, lol.  Time to fix everything and start regularly blogging.  Not having a computer for 7 months, canning over 1000 jars in 3 months, tending a 1 acre market garden, and 3 acre pumpkin patch makes life a little furry.   117 more words


Making sure home truths are in the home

How good a husband and father have I been this month?  I’ve been waking up to some uncomfortable home truths this week having been convicted by a repeated message given by three different people: “Don’t forget the importance of role-modeling biblical discipleship in your own home.” 358 more words


81. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, November 20th, 8:00pm
Drommen (and Edward)

Drommen sits at the window. Edward takes a seat beside him.

Drommen: What the hell are you doing back? 240 more words

Short Stories

Ethics and design: How moral can you be?

Designers nowadays are looked at when it comes to leading the way for green change and for fixing the planet. Everyone is expecting the designers to come up with new eco-friendly designs that will solve their problems and help heal the planet at the same time. 375 more words


From Earth Apples by Edward Abbey

YES — even after my death
you shall not escape me
I’ll follow you
in the eyes of every hawk,
every falcon, vulture, eagle 99 more words

New Single: Ferocious - Jedward

For some reason last month’s blog about Jedward their new single has been unpublished or deleted. So now once again …

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Ferocious – Single – Jedward 10/24/2014


combine multiple row numbers when update

my table looks something like this

id(int), inorder(int), outorder(int), parentID(int)

My stored procedure

    @parentID int,
    @inorder int, 
    @outorder int
    UPDATE myOrders 
    SET inorder = @inorder, outorders 
    WHERE id = @parentID
… 81 more words
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