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24 hours

We have been taught about the fragility of life and how life can change instantaneously. Without warning. And I suppose we feel mis-trusting of life. 88 more words

Great films from the past

Casper is a classic kids movie that I loved as a child…many poor spin off casper movies and cartoons have been made however they in no way live up to the original casper movie..            244 more words


Day 2: Hotels

Good morning, Peeta! Prank wake-up selfie.

Stopping to smell the roses.

Say no to tobacco.


Edward Larrabee Barnes renovation by Bodron + Fruit

Bodron + Fruit has done some amazing renovations but this Edward Larrabee Barnes home stood out to me. The first picture almost looks like a painting or illustration because of the color blocking an minimalist approach to the house. 9 more words

Day 1: Food

Getting some fast food on the road!

Delicious barbecue in Missouri.



I have a confession to make.

I hate following other people’s dye recipes. I don’t trust them. I know that I post mine, and I hope that people are capable of replicating my results. 196 more words

Koolaide Dyeing