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Gaslight (1940)

Hollywood has a long history of taking some of the best European movies and remaking them for the domestic American market, usually also exporting the film to the country of origin, and many times resulting in the remake being seen as the “real” version. 342 more words

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WPC: A Family Relic.

This old photo taken in 1905, is definitely a family relic from a bygone era. It shows hubby’s Grandmother with her elder daughter Doris. The baby carriage, if it still exists, would certainly be classed as antique. 106 more words

Book Review: Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore

Manor of Secrets
Katherine Longshore
Point, January 2014
ISBN 978-0-545-56758-9

Katherine Longshore’s Manor of Secrets is a well-written historical novel for young adults. The novel is reminiscent of… 231 more words

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DBC: 'Last of Edwardiana' Choker

I’ve just finished sewing together a choker. Here you go:

It’s a very simple design: I’m hoping to buy some more materials tomorrow, as well as a sewing machine, so that I’m not sat forever hand-stitching things. 306 more words

Frieda Amherst

Belle Époque Kingston

La Belle Époque, technically speaking, refers to the period in French history from 1871-1914, a time of peace, innovation, and optimism. However, it’s sometimes used more broadly as a romantic term to describe the elegance of the turn of the twentieth century. 438 more words



Not the Industrial Town (and home of the London & North Western Railway) but the typeface family.

Or, to put it another way, here’s a selection of pieces using or Wolverton typeface family.   14 more words


Rich Woman, Poor Woman = Teacher, 1910 Canada.

A drawing of a bluebell from Flora Nicholson’s 1911 Macdonald College Portfolio from her Nature Diary. Flora went to normal  school on a scholarship that was given to any eligible country girl who wanted to become a teacher. 886 more words

1910 Women