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Edwardian steampunk 1912

Dit patroon uit de herfstcollectie past zowel in de retro/vintage collectie als de steampunk selectie: een stijlvolle outfit uit de tijd van de eerste auto’s en rijwielen uit de archieven van Butterick (1912). 139 more words


Liane de Pougy (1869 – 1950) - Photos

Liane de Pougy (1869 – 1950), was a Folies Bergère dancer renowned as one of Paris’s most beautiful and notorious courtesans.

She was born in La Flèche and raised in a nunnery. 209 more words


The Daughter of Highland Hall

Katherine Ramsey has high hopes and big plans for the future. Well…she did at one time. But when she makes a big blunder at her debut and then a relative follows that up with a seemingly unforgivable scandal Katherine finds out who her true friends are and whether her dreams are really substantial or just castles in the air that deserve to be blown away. 178 more words

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the mitford society annual, vol. 2

In ‘What I Believe’, an incendiary essay on the Humanist ideas that informed the majority of his work, E M Forster writes ‘if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.’ Perhaps no-one has put this idea into practice with greater commitment than Diana Mitford, who scandalised British society with her marriage to Oswald Mosley and allegiance to Adolf Hitler, even as the true extent of fascism’s horrors came to light through the course of the twentieth century.

798 more words

Secrets of Sloane House

Rosalind Pettite alias Rosalind Perry is on the hunt for her missing sister. In a place as big as Chicago in the year 1892 the possibilities as to what caused her sister’s disappearance are numerous. 253 more words

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ILLUSTRATOR-O'-THE-DAY: Charles Dana Gibson

Ah, the good ol’ days, when women somehow learned how not to breathe in the name of fashion and men didn’t have pants that sagged WAY beyond what should be allowed in polite company. 295 more words