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The Sage

FOREGUARDED and unfevered and serene,
Back to the perilous gates of Truth he went—
Back to fierce wisdom and the Orient,
To the Dawn that is, that shall be, and has been: 89 more words

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THERE is a drear and lonely tract of hell
From all the common gloom removed afar:
A flat, sad land it is, where shadows are, 94 more words

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SMALL knowledge have we that by knowledge met
May not some day be quaint as any told
In almagest or chronicle of old,
Whereat we smile because we are as yet… 76 more words

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FOR what we owe to other days,
Before we poisoned him with praise,
May we who shrank to find him weak
Remember that he cannot speak. 53 more words

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The Story Of My Life

This morning I took the hyphen out of Hell-hound and this afternoon I put it back. – Edwin Arlington Robinson