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Doctor's orders

Edwina called me late yesterday afternoon to tell me that she’s in the hospital at Princeton, a facility just a couple of blocks from her apartment. 591 more words


Family and Relationships

As we grow older we realize the value of relationships with our family and friends. Some have moved away or died and, at times, we sense an increasing sense of becoming isolated and lonely. 724 more words

September 15

Edwina reminded me the other day that her son Steve will be leaving prison on September 15. She can’t wait.

In all the time Steve’s been locked away, Edwina hasn’t visited him once. 134 more words


Checking boxes and eating oreos

An envelope from Social Security arrived in Edwina’s mailbox a couple of weeks ago. It contained a packet of forms for Edwina to fill out to reapply for disability, and Edwina’s first response was to be defensive. 384 more words


Transitions In Older Adults

So much has been written and said about transitions as we age. Despite that, it is never an easy process adapting to and accepting change. It demands looking at changes realistically. 584 more words


It’s funny how your mind works when you have a little down time.

The girls and I were enjoying a trip to Panama City Beach, filling our days with waves and sand, a little mini golf, time at the pier, and travels to nearby Seaside and Rosemary Beach. 324 more words


Aging And Retirement (pt 1)

“Congratulations on your retirement! A phrase I was to hear time and again. Why did it grate on me? What is there to congratulate me for? 769 more words