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How to use your brain as a midi controller

In this blog post I am going to talk about how Neurofeedback can be used for controlling any software/hardware by offering external links for tutorials and devices.  370 more words


First EEG styled greeting by Herbert H Jasper

This is the first  EEG styled greeting card named “Christmas Reverie” by Herbert H. Jasper. Herbert is a early researcher who pioneered in EEG. He used EEG as a tool for studying brain activity in relation to states of consciousness, learning, and epileptic discharge. 46 more words


Characterizing Motif Dynamics of Electric Brain Activity Using Symbolic Analysis

M. Zanin and D. Papo

Entropy, 16:5655-5667 (2014)

Motifs are small recurring circuits of interactions which constitute the backbone of networked systems. Characterizing motif dynamics is therefore key to understanding the functioning of such systems. 135 more words


Winter is Coming...

Lately we’ve been feeling like Winter is Coming.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you know the meaning behind this.  “Winter is Coming” is a motto in the show that means take warning and stay on your toes because something bad is on the horizon.   502 more words

Module 1 - Assignment 1 Identifying an Emerged Technology

Historically it has been difficult to determine exactly when a student was paying attention, or even understanding the material. Teachers and parents have to learn the “tells” of the student or child, and in the case of the teacher, there are usually about 30 students to learn. 437 more words

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Oh, You Cells. You're Such Know-it-alls!

Oh, you cells!   You’re such know-it-alls!

I find it most useful to think this way:   “The pancreas knows how the toenail grows.”

This is the logical conclusion when you consider the case of an EKG. 113 more words

#AESmtg14 highlights: dense array EEG and source localization in clinical practice

Here is my live-tweeting from this Special Interest Group session from the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society on Dec. 5 in Seattle, WA, … 129 more words