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[ARTICLE] Post-traumatic epilepsy: current and emerging treatment options - Full Text


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) leads to many undesired problems and complications, including immediate and long-term seizures/epilepsy, changes in mood, behavioral, and personality problems, cognitive and motor deficits, movement disorders, and sleep problems. 245 more words


OpenVibe – Part 2

Note, here is  OpenVibe – Part 1

This next part is about creating two boxes (processing algorithms), one to view your live brainwaves, and one to save the brainwave readings to a file (to be used for later analysis). 396 more words


OpenVibe - Part 1

For those with a Mindwave (EEG reader) and Windows, and are interested in OpenVibe, here are some tips. 389 more words


Endorsement from Robert Pacitti, Artist, Director & Curator - SPILL Festival of Performance

Luciana’s work is sharp and inquiring. She sets up performance installations whereby we (the audience) witness her (the artist) undertake elements of experiment and ritual on our behalf.

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The Explorers Club, Lewes: Revelations by Flicker, Dreamachines and Electroencephalographic Signals in Art, Thu Nov 27th 7:00 pm

Luciana is an artist augmenting consciousness and is currently in residence in The Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex. The invention of the Electroencephalograph (EEG) for monitoring brainwaves, and its routine employment in medical diagnostics offers raw and quantifiable information about the brain. 79 more words


EEG Data Visualising Pendant - wearable technology for use in social situations

EEG Visualising Pendant shown with 3D printed frames

I developed my EEG visualising pendant for use in social situations. The pendant uses EEG (Electroencephalography) signals, which are gleaned from a… 1,970 more words


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Expect the Unexpected

I keep telling myself to expect the unexpected when it comes to doctor visits and procedures, and yet I always get caught off guard. I’m home again from my EEG, eagerly waiting for nap time to arrive so I can get caught up on some sleep. 939 more words