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Emotion, Music and Movement: A measurable connection

Leslie, G., Ojeda, A. & Makeig, S. (2014). Measuring musical engagement using expressive movement and EEG brain dynamics. Psychomusicology: Music, mind, and brain, 24, 1, … 735 more words

Edwin Gordon

Kinetica - Flickering Phrontesterion

October 2014 :
Luciana shows her interactive, participatory artwork in The annual Kinetica Artfair
- a work in progress “Phrontesterion” : a symbiosis of Dreamachine Flicker and Hypnagogic & Hypnopompic feedback of participant’s EEG sonified, in an oil/air-pumped Dentist chair, floats back down, Reverie in Theta waves where time is lost – “I am that I am”… ? 260 more words


Are there differences in auralisation between the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni and a modern auditorium with the same RT60?

Some ancient structures have psychoacoustic effects on human brain which alter the brainwave frequency. Our study aims to show that the differences between the acoustics of Hal-Saflieni and a modern auditorium are perceptible.  20 more words

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My Lupus Story - From One Diagnosis to Another (Part 2)

We left off upon my return from my initial hospitalization. I was supposed to be back at work, however I was at my Mom’s house in bed feeling worse than ever! 757 more words