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Feedback in Hypothesis Testing: An ERP Study

Papo D, Baudonnière PM, Hugueville L, Caverni JP

We used event-related potentials (ERPs) to probe the effects of feedback in a hypothesis testing (HT) paradigm. Thirteen college students serially tested hypotheses concerning a hidden rule by judging its presence or absence in triplets of digits and revised them on the basis of an exogenous performance feedback. 131 more words


Seizure alert babes

Seizure Alert Dogs are quite the rage now among the epileptic set. You get the whole aura thing happening and Fido (Phydeaux on the Westside) picks up on it and barks or whatever he does and you’re saved.  2,464 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions

18th September 2012

18th September 2012

Today was a scary day. I had had my fair share of scary, nerve wracking days over the last year. In fact the last couple of months had been fairly worrying with constant trips back and forth to the hospital for blood tests every week. 3,585 more words


A Skeptic’s Journey into the World of Meditation

(Note: Yes, I previously blogged on meditation, but it deserves more attention!)

I need good evidence to believe something.  I find meta-analyses appealing, and I carefully evaluate the credibility of internet sources. 730 more words

Artifact Jantung

Pernah mengalami munculnya artefact jantung di bagian telinga ( A1/A2)?

Bila muncul gelombang tajam seperti pulsa ECG dibagian A1 dan A2, dan selalu sejajar dengan Pulsa ECG, itu adalah artefact jantung. 26 more words


Mengukur Kualitas Elektroda EEG

Saat pemasangan elektroda ke pasien, sering operator terkendala dengan impedance yang tinggi terus, padahal kulit kepala pasien sudah dibersihkan.

Salah satu yang harus diperhatikan bila terjadi seperti ini adalah dengan memeriksa kabel elektroda. 203 more words


Über die Geistesgegenwart gewisser Menschen - oder warum Dummheit nicht am EEG aufscheint

Ihr einziger Geistesinhalt ist die Geistlosigkeit. Und ihre einzige Geistesregung ist die Umschichtung der Geistlosigkeit von linker in die rechte und von rechter in die linke Gehirnhälfte. 50 more words