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Maggie and Emma Updates

I don’t even know how to begin this post so I’ll just write it in chronological order.  I have a hard time putting some of this down because of how upsetting it is, so this is probably the easiest way for me to relay the information.   1,980 more words

Brainwaves as a sculpture

Our brainwaves can now be mapped as three-dimensional models, thanks to an innovative art project.

Ion Popian uses electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to measure brain activity, which is fed into a 3D modelling programme. 75 more words


Day at McMaster

We had Kaiden’s assessment from the feeding and swallowing team scheduled for Friday at 10:30 and then last week was also offered an EEG for the same day at 1:00. 657 more words

This Sunday at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

Join Luciana Haill and I in the glorious hand-carved Durbar Hall this Sunday, for a very special Lucid Dream Workshop.

Last few tickets available, booking essential. 80 more words


Fukushima - Keine Meldung und ihre Geschichte

Was FdoG Leser schon lange wissen, hat eine der zahlreichen UN-Organisationen amtlich festgestellt. Während die Japaner 10.000 Tote durch den Tsunami zu betrauern hatten, ist durch den Zwischenfall im Atomkraftwerk Fukushima bisher kein Mensch zu Schaden gekommen. 482 more words


Busy week coming up

It’s a big week for Kaiden (and us). His swallow study (really it’s an assessment) is scheduled for Friday morning at the hospital and an EEG in the afternoon. 470 more words

EEGs and MRIs

Two tests in which you may have to undergo during diagnosis of your epilepsy are an EEG and MRI.
Firstly neither are painful nor can they read your thoughts. 608 more words